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December 2008
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My Final Month in this Form

Thu 4 Dec 21:15

It's been a trying week. I took the van on Tuesday, and it took two days and $378. The hoses and the connections were leaking gasoline. The only one connection still good was fixed in 2003, when they replaced the tank. Meanwhile, I decided to jettison the longterm care insurance. I am running out of expenses to drop.

I walked to work today, giving the van a rest. I really should put into place a longterm plan for execution in

April now that vehicular problems are past. The orientation at Block is finished, so I should have the time. This weekend, I have some familial duties to care for Mom and Tim.

Sun 7 Dec 11:20

The weekend has not been kind. yesterday I raked some leaves and emptied the tank of the mower. I have yet another broken tooth on the upper right first molar. I'll get it capped on Saturday, 25 April.

I started putting up the decorations for Christmas with no idea how far I will go. Right now, it seems bleak until next April. I turned down the thermostat further, just to figure how cold I can make it while still tolerable this winter.


Already I'm pushing off some work for next weekend. I spent entirely too much time on the internet. I became lost in MIT's linear algebra 4. Doc Putter did not go over the material on inverted products of matrices. I also started preparations of the Enrolled Agent. Apparently the entire course is online!. So ends another notebook of a diary.
It is time for renewal, not only for the country, but also for me. I am beginning a new notebook for my diary and a new sketchbook as well.
My sister called tonight and urged me to mail the next box as soon as possible. I found two sweatshirts for Christmas, some jewelry, and the skating pond.
I was wondering where else I can go at this point. The thought of all the things I wanted to do, especially at this time in 1980. In a sense, Terry Fox is responsible for steering my thoughts back to that time. Perhaps Reaganism stalled my life for the past twentyeight years. I had planned to write and sketch and I have done neither for publishing, outside of my website.

Mon 8 Dec 7:00
Terry must have had some intelligence, maybe a little beyond average. however, the pages of his diary -- despite the somewhat difficult handwriting -- reveal much contemplation over the meaning of life, the sense of purpose, the determination to finish goals, and the perseverance needed. I could use a dosage of that ability.

Tue 9 Dec 1980
I was watching the Best of Carson last night when the NBC network interrupted with a special report. I thought the Soviets had invaded Poland, but John Lennon had been shot and killed in front of his New York apartment. There's another reason for the death penalty.

Tue 9 Dec 21:50
I walked to work today, and when I came home the stink was apparent. I did a load of coloreds then I partly bathed the dog. She had a wad of Reaganomics hanging off her rear.
Steve and Barry's is going out of business. I bought two pairs of pants and a pair of sneakers for $25. I'll have to go back tomorrow.

Thu 11 Dec 14:52
I had yet another reminder why I hate my job. Apparently my boss left slip that someone had complained I was wondering the halls. I think I'll begin probing the market this month. Sending out résumés may lay the foundation a few years later, for I must push toward finding the needed skills.
Meanwhile, I was checking out yet another course form MIT courseware on mathematics for engineers. I still seem two credits short of moving up two levels at Block.
Sun 14 Dec  18:30
I was listening to Penn State radio over the internet when I heard my former partner on the air.  This time I talked to him to confirm his address.  I am going to send our Christmas cards this week.  I just finished ten copies of the letter.
I went on a spending spree over the long weekend.  I visited Tim on Saturday morning, but it was too late for a haircut.  I did that this morning.  On both Friday and this morning I spent time and money at the Steve and Barry's liquidation.  My spending on a clothing will be little over the next few years.  I even bought three footbal jerseys!  They're supposed to be open until 17 January.
Tue 16 Dec  Boston Tea Party  8:02
Last night I attempted to fix my Internet Explorer.  It was working, but without addons.  So, I tried running it while trying to update the addons.  Updating the Google toolbar brought the Explorer back.  This morning all I had to do was to enable the Java Script to allow You Tube to work.
I was going to visit and go to Chili's for Toastmasters, but the weather threatens to keep me home this evening.

Fri 19 Dec 
I visited last night and made plans to take Tim here on Christmas Eve.  Then I went to the bank today to cash my bonus and to close two accounts.  I succeeded, then went to Steve and Barry's where I bought another $40 of goods.  I now have five football jerseys and a basketball one as well.  They have baseball and hockey tes as well.  I could clean up tomorrow.  I'll be going to PathMark for groceries early tomorrow.
Sat 20 Dec  16:10
It was -2º this morning with the frozen doors.  I went to PathMark, Dollar Tree, Steve and Barry's, and WalMart.  I was gone over two hours, and I spent over $30 on my fifth trip to Steve and Barry's.  This time I retrieved the pocketed golf shirts I'd left behind yesterday.  I grabbed baseball tes for sleeping next summer, along with more basketball and football jerseys. 
I arrived just before the serviceman came to check on the switch on the furnace.  The adjustment should last until heating season ends in four months.
I keep thinking how I am going to write my autobiography.  As I was putting up my traditional tree, it occurred to me that I've had it for 38 years now, and I doubt whether I have 38 years left.  I may be closer to the grave than the beginning of puberty!
Sun 21 Dec   8:45
I just saw the fifth lecture on MIT Physics, and the two times at Penn State never mentioned uncertainty.  I think MIT may just revive my interest and update my knowledge. 
Mon 22 Dec  14:58
Despite my day off Friday, I've caught up already.  I even keep watch on the mailroom.  This morning was a windy -9º, so I drove just to maintain the van.  Such coldness usually does not last around here, unlike Calgary at -30º!  No wonder the Foxes left Winnipeg (-27º) for Vancouver (-5º).
Tue 23 Dec
While mulling over the nullspace of linear algebra, I drew a blank from that course.  What is the purpose of the nullspeace?
Wed 24 Dec  16:30
I had a rough and short day today, especially with the mail.  The missed mail from Monday came back to haunt twice.  First, they would not pick it up.  Next, the paperwork was missing.  Finally, the paperwork was left in my boss's office, which was locked because no one was in there today.
Sat 27 Dec  22:10
Christmas passed just like another day.  Yesterday I picked up Gerri and the three of us went to Steve and Barry's.  All I see left are pocketed golf shirts.  The store has begun contracting, moving toward its closing in three weeks.  For two days, I've made Hamburger Helper in an effort to get rid of the old food.
Today I went to Acme for my prescription, which was a good time of no waiting.  I was out so fast that I stopped at Lou's for produce.  I think I'll make soup tomorrow.
Sun 28 Dec  19:20
The long weekend looms over, and my interpretations of the events at work on Wednesday still linger.  I took Tim back by 4 PM, but Midnight acted strangely and ran away.  I could outrun her, but she ran under a car.  When I brought her home, I picked her up and put her in the yard.  I can't trust her not to run off again.
Mon 29 Dec  14:12
I was so tired I went to bed at 8 PM.  Of course, I was up by 2 AM.  Then I spent two hours on the internet.  I had to double boost Concast when it went down again.
I left early with my shrinking vulnerablility from having no days off the rest of the year.  Gasoline has dropped toward a dollar and a half.  I noticed no real improvement on the mileage. 
On You Tube, I spent some time yesterday with the argument against salvation by faith alone.  However, the obseesion with sex turned me off Catholicism again.  Later i observed on MIT biology, genetics, which has advanced along with biochemistry over the past few decades.  Then I took on the next class in linear algebra, which left me with a different perspective than the one I had when I took the course at Penn State in 1976-77.
Tue 30 Dec  7:47
Only one more day left in abeyance.  I am taking Friday off as the bonus.  Block begins this weekend as well.  Here we go again.  I will need this wekend to clean up for the winter.
I went for New Year's cheer and once again to Steve and Barry's.  I will go to PathMark tonight, for I don't want to be at Franklin Mills on New Year's Eve.
Wed 31 Dec  8:05
I arrived here early again, and I spent some time changing the calendars for the new year.   I want to leave here as fast as possible to visit this afternoon and sneak into Barnes and Noble.  I am looking for the Skywatch for 2009 to put pictures on my Astronomy site.
I awoke at 1 AM and thought of a comic with cancer cells which metastasize.
I went over the last decade in my mind and I have nothing to show for it.  I've gone through my own personal Schrubbish.  Outside of Block, I've made little progress so far this century.  The only merits of this year is that a sign of change showed up over the past few months. 

Another wasted year ends.

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