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April 2008
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Tue 1 Apr  18:19
I found the check and deposited it today into Mom's account.  The social worker found three rehabs -- tow in Montgomery County and one in Southwest Philadelphia.  I begin the search on Thursday.
Wed 2 Apr  14:55  Easter 1961 and 1972
Of course, the next time Easter occurs on this date is 2062.  I had that same flashback of Saturday, 1 April 1972.  Although I was progressing then, the country was regressing, which accelerated a decde later.  I also recalled Saturday, 1 April 1978, which was the date I bought "London Town" by Paul McCartney and Wings in Bensalem thirty years ago.  I played it this morning.
Meanwhile Joann Santana proved his worth on opening day in Miami, and Pedro Martinez proved his unworth last night -- 7-2 and 4-5 in 10. 

We're on the road tomorrow to both places in Montgomery County.  I have directions to both.  Silver Stream is under Ambler, not Spring House.  Andorra Woods is under Philadelphia, not Whitemarsh.  The latter is rather close to Conshohocken.  I was last in Conshohocken when Mom took a long trip to the doctor's at the wrong time on Wednesday, 18 January 2006. 
Anyway, my sixth long day runs along.  The countdown runs after today as five long days, four regular days of the weekend, and four days off, for a total of thirteen days.
Our manager is asking us to put in more time, and tonight is boring!  One of us left nearly an hour early, and I was next for the walkins.  It looks as though I have no clients tonight.  Fortunately I did not clock in until 6:35.
I keep wondering how I'll ever get going on writing.  I will face the possibility in merely two weeks.  I've played with how I would do it, and which other options are open with me.  Both Robert Allen and Robert Kiyosaki have seminars over the first two weeks of April, while I'm stuck at Block.
Fri 4 Apr  14:58
I was gone a day, and I have caught up already.  Both places rejected my brother, because they needed a "target" of brain trauma after age 21.  Why didn't these people tell us before we wasted a day on visiting them?  Now I have the chance to expand the search to brain trauma centers.  It looks as if there will be 3-6 more weeks before the hospital can place him.
Philipp emailed me last night, at the time my printer isn't working.  I sent it to my workplace to print out the email.  Apparently Logan Shepard has come out in public after a decade.  The picture is similar to the one on A&E's "American Justice: Matthew Shepard".  Whether Logan is writing the blog is another matter.
My sister called me last night to update the search.  Therefore I have another chance to get the new campaign of centers going.  The social worker arranged a meeting with local centers for her office on Monday, 14 April, so they expect to keep Tim there for awhile.  This week may be as important as the same dates for me in 1986, when my life took a radical turn, only to diappoint me in the end.
1980 contines to bother me, espeically on the anniversary of the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope next Saturday.  CBC has revamped its website with larger images through Real Player.
On this afternoon, I was in drawing class on Good Friday.  I had drawn secular symbols while someone else had drawn religous ones.  Our porfessor wanted us to explain to the class hat Holy Week is.  It was that Easter I sat outside and drew the front of the first-named College Court Motel.
The Philadelphia Daily News asks today where we have gone the forty years since Martin Luther King Jr.  My answer is backwards -- slowly under Nixon and faster under Reagan and Schrub.  The tired old man McCain looks less reactionary, but only relatively.
Sat 5 Apr  8:43
I ad my first encounter with a hamster on this morning in 1969.  My cousin had brought Irish with them to visit us for Easter.  As I reall, the temperature that morning was the highest I had while delivering newspapers.  It was 47F (or 8C as I'd record now), seemingly mild since 22 January.  Of course, I did not understand the reactionarianism at the time.  I began my route just after NMixon took over.
Americanblog had a taping of RFK's impromptu speech forty years ago last night in Indianapolis.  The past forty years have been as reactionary as the previous forty have been progressive.
For the first time in ages, I ran a short time around the neighborhood.  It's been quite awhile, but despite the changes, I don't think my muscles ached much before my bath.
Sun 6 Apr  Easter 1969 and 1980  18:38
The rush was shorter this Sunday.  I was very busy until 3 PM, then it fell off.  I was next for a walkin from 3:35, three hours ago.
I ran farther this morning.  I told Mom we could start going to Mass on Saturday nights, once Block ends.  I spent the last few hours cleaning up the prior client calling program.  Upper management wants us to continue it until next week.  I figure I have about twenty eight hours left here.
Mon 7 Apr  15:27  I started Counsel House on this date in 1986.  I met Keith N the next day.  I bought my first television set on this date in 1969.
My calls to the Client Assistance Program and the Head Injury Program went nowhere this afternoon.  Tonight ends my fourth last long day, with a week left of Block.  It's been a very trying tax season.
Yesterday I did manage to catch up my online diary and to reply to Philipp's email, although I have not yet sent it.  If the next four weeknights are as dead as usual, I may have time to get a few things done before tax season ends.  Otherwise, I have four preparers left in the office to knock off any uncontacted clients on priority.
Tue 8 Apr  8:25  I met Keith N this date in 1986 
Last night was another bust of a weeknight.  My only appointmnet rescheduled for another.  Only one week to the end of a miserable tax season.  Mental exhaustion seems to be normal in early April.  I made twentyseven calls to clean up unattempted contacts under priority on the list.  I don't foresee many more calls.  At least we had a receptionist last night.
I finally contacted the Client Assistance Program.  They are starting to work on the case.  Tonight I will have to clean up places.  Meals on Wheels has begun for Mon, if she bothers to eat.
Wed 9 Apr  15:34
I just spent a halfhour with DD in the Client Assistance Program.  I did not have time to contact Tim's doctor on this last Wednesday of the tax season.
Last night I paid bills and released my saved reply to Philipp.  Even this morning I could not find a listing of longterm care of head injury.
Thu 10 Apr  My encounter with a van in 1997
Last night I finally had a client on a weeknight this month.  The manager also showed me another list of uncontacted clients : 83 in all, plus prohibited. Vik and I cleaned up the calls prohibited.  Of the six priorities, five had disconnected numbers.  Anyway, there are seventy of them left.  I also have three unpaid returns worth $215 in commissions.
Marlene emailed yesterday she was going to visit Tim for his birthday.  There visitors from Saint Charles called, and I left them know where Tim is.
The ugly batter with the open drain of the bathroom sink ended almost as fast as it had begun today.  Last night, the toothbrush fell down into the pipes.  This morning I dropped the screwdriver into the hold.  Tonight I pulled the screwdriver out of the hole with the needlenosed pliers.  Then I used a hollow tube to scoop up the toothbrush by the bristles.  I used a part from the silly birdfeeder over the hole.
The idea from Joe the driver to drop Mom off during lunch, then to pick her up after work after work did not work.  Mom forgot why I'd left for two and a half hours!  I suppose tomorrow is out.  At least Monday won't be a long day because of the meeting in the hospital at 9AM.
Fri 11 Apr  Easter 1971, 1982, & 1993  14:42
University of Scranton 1978
This was my first week in Counsel House in 1986.  I realized that my going through that miserable disease of Reagnomcis strengthened my abilities to cope with the disaster of Vide France and Peachy Bill, and the sixteen months of musical jobs, along with the trap of the assistantship in the Political Science Department.
I noticed my creativity diminished even more with Block.  Perhaps Bodek had a similar effect.
The disappearance of my access to internet has ignited speculation that it stemmed from my search for head trauma centers last Friday when I was on my own time.  The coincidence is too unlikely.
It is so close to the end of the tax season, and I still don't have a plan for when it ends.  By the end of the month, I should have a general idea of where I want to go the rest of the year.
Sat 12 Apr  17:46
I wrote and sent the email around the turn of the day.  It took me a halfhour, and it should hit on Monday morning.  I took an entire hour off today because we're so overscheduled.  Tomorrow looks worse with five of us here.  I count the hours left at fifteen.  I manged to go down to PayLess and purchase two pairs of sneakers.  Tomorrow I'll have time for the coupon for JC Penney.
On this day and date in 1986, I received my first offer for a job, although it merely led to other disasters in Bensalem.  Nonetheless it seemed such a shock at the time.  I had finally overcome Reaganomics...NOT!
I called Mom , and she had forgotten Tim is no longer living with us.  We visited the hospital this morning after a trip to PathMark.  I had no more time before I came to Block at noon. 
Sun 13 Apr  16:11
Once again, I was busy until 3 PM, then it dropped off.  One of the five of us left already.  One of my COD's came back, so I definitely broke through last year's total of commissions.  I left last night early when I called down the list of eightysix uncontacted former clients.
My commissions total plus what I figure I have from today easily passes last year's total.  Now I should look forward to advancing my certification.
Tue 15 Apr  7:53
Last night my tax season almost ended on a sour note.  I had one of my best clients, then an average client, and almost a dingbat.  The last one came in for a 2007 and two amended returns nearly an hour before closing.  She couldn't even find all the stuff for 2007!  Probably it still wasn't all there.  One W-2 had the wrong address of the street, another had the wrong social security number.  I still have two COD's out as well.
Yesterday morning was infuriating.  We arrived on time and the social worker didn't even know that they'd had the evaluation already.  The other social worker from the Philadelphia Department of Aging, filled out papers for the grant to move Tim.
Now begins the fourth annual quest for what to do the rest of the year.  I already signed up for thirty credits for classes, beginning Tuesday, 3 June, some seven weeks later.
I didn't snack last night and skipped supper.  It's time for me to drop some mass from 105 kg.  Earlier I started domestic cleanup after nearly fourteen weeks of neglect.  It was a small dent, but every little bit helps.  I also started on my calendar for May, which turned out in blue pencil for the frame.
Then I noticed the clouds as I went into Franklin Mills for Block.  I should spend more time streaming images and finishing books.
I also had chance to file my state from online, and to mail Tim's stimulus payment.  I still have not filed Mom's state return; perhaps I'll do it tonight.  


Wed 16 Apr  14:58
My entire email collapsed in aheap.  The entire system imposed a Watch Guard n the access.   Furthermore, I have no authorization as confirmed today.  Therefore, I have no obligation to check shipto addresses.  Then one of the buyers informed me that all changes to orders must go through them first.
Tonday I expected better until Boss Lady came into our office with an industrial engineer.   I am almost caught up with the work, despite having Monday off.
Thu 17 Apr  8:25
I checked My Block last night, and my last COD came in.  I made over $200 more in commissions, and my bonus should be $400 more than last year.  Therefore, the season ended on high.
I went looking for a hamster, but the place had none.  I settled for an antiflea medication for Midnight.  I put it on after I bathed her last night.
Fri 18 Apr  8:08
This date in 1986 was very uplifting.  While I went to Counsel House my only purchased car went through inspection.  I'd even read the old sales sheet from 1981 as a good omen, along with the year of the Gordini, 1977.  The week of transition is almost past.  I look forward to my first real Friday of the year, along with the obligation of all the tasks I have ahead this weekend.
Sat 19 Apr  11:05
There's a host of tasks today.  I started with PathMark and gasoline for the mower.  Then I went to the library and Lou's for produce.  We are visting my brother at the hospital.
The Mets finally came into gear and swept Washington at Shea, then won yesterday in Philadelphia.  Johan Santana pitched into the eighth.  Then Aaron Heilman almost blew the game.  David Wright provided the needed offense for a 6-4 win, and 9-6 record, and the first place over the fishies.
It was warm in my room last night at 26, so I opened the stormwindows.  Eventually, I close them, and the heat kicked on.
Sun 20 Apr  21:25
I spent all day home.  It began the little things indoors.  I cleaned out the bottom of the refrigerator and the kitchen floor.  I filled one garbage bag with the debris of past attempts at the CPA.  I swept up some dust bunnies in my room.  I did manage to run this morning a different route, so I could throw a fallen branch into the woods.
Mon 21 Apr 15:53
Vide France lurks twentytwo years later with all the charm of poisoning the well.  A stillborn career remains no fun, because another one never emerged.  Twentytwo years from now I expect to be retired.
The Mets missed an opportunity to sweep in Philadelphia: 6-4, 4-2, and 4-5.  Johan Santana and Oliver Perez won, whil Mike Pelfrey blew a close game away.  Chase Utley kept the sweep off.  The Marlins are back in front by a win.
Tue 22 Apr  14:35
The last time we had a presidential primary on this date was 1980.  I registered Republican to vote for John B Anderson of Illinois.  Recently, I discovered that Anderson, now 86, endorsed Barak Obama, the latest fact  change my vote.  With Rushshshsh Limbaughghghgh's so-called Operation Chaos and the empathic passage on bitterness, I had no trouble voting for Obama, along with all seven delegates to the convention.  Hillary Clinton should aim for Majority Leader in the Senate, assuming the vice-presidency is not good enough to accept.
When we voted this moning, Mom became confused and essentially did no vote.  She insisted that she was not registed Democrat once someone showed her a Republican list of candidates.  (Pennsylvania has closed primaries.)
Last night we visited Tim, then went to PathMark.  Finally, we went to the library, where I borrowed discs on Arabic.  I copied six of them last night.  The second one appears corrupted.  I should clean them before copying.
Thu 24 Apr  15:07
Tonight will be my return to Toastmasters after a very long layoff.  I was going to speak, but it looks as if I'm not.
Yesterday I recalled that on Thursday, 22 April 1971, I was in a spelling contest.  Will I ever recover the mentality I had at that time?  Maybe it's just a bad date.
I took back the Dutch, Arabic, and Swedish for Hebrew and Hindi.  I should have them copied by Saturday in time for more.
Bucks County Community College has an interesting program for University Certificate Programs of the American Management Association.  It may be the updating I seek to my MBA.  It may also get me some leads to another job, or better, self-usage.
Tonight I'm going to Circuit Cityfor another printer.  I'm building up too much stuff I can't use.
Fri 25 Apr 15:38
On this date in 1986, we took the secretaries to lunch.  After which my time at Vide France went downhill.  My favorite justice was celebrating his eightieth birthday.
The social worker at Frankford Torresdale called me yesterday to tell me that the grant went through, and they'll be moving Tim in a few days.  I called the Pennsylvania Head Injury Program this morning, only to have the contact tell me that they had never received the birth certificate and proof of residence I had faxed over a week ago!  Two hours later, they found them in the files, which caused a delay of nine days!
This morning I regressed to 1978, and I thought of my struggles with the Science Club and the International Association.  Could my experiences have foretold wha I'd alive later?
Sat 26 Apr  13:40
This morning I exchanged Hebrew and Hindi for Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.  Then I bought a new Lexmark All-in-One with spare ink cartirdges.  Mon and I visited this afternoon after I finished the laundry.  I went running this morning, which revived my metabolism I hope.
Sun 27 Apr  14:11
It was raining this morning, which washed away my chance at running.  I had a late trip to get pills, then stopped for a male hamster.  He's such a wimp that I'd thought to name him Schrub, or Bush, or Wimpy, instead of Ralston.
The Mets showed some life yesterday by getting by Altanta at Shea, 4-3.  However, their play had been pitiful, struggling at .500 and staying ahead of Washington.
Mon 28 Apr  15:22
My sister's family visited yesterday while I was writing in this diary.  They stopped in for
a birthday greeting, then they left.  I just followed suggestions to naught.
Tue 29 Apr  8:27
I awoke from yet another phenomenological dream of having a test for which I was unprepared.  Sigmund could help me interpret it, but he'd probably note that it manifests a desire to return to academia.  Especially after reading part of "The Catcher Was a Spy", I'd say that Moe Berg fascinates me!
Wed 30 Apr  8:09
Yesterday was a quickie.  First, I found out that my appointment wth the dermatologist was not hta evening.  Then I discovered that no one had sent an authorization for the MRI on Mom's brain.
Statesman accepted Tim, and the events moved quickly.  Althogh we may get a place in Sunbury, we had no more time to find out.  Tonight we're bringing more clothes and a television set to 7B in the A wing.

In the early '70's, I used to plant my garden in early April, with all the frost and cold in Mountain Top PA.  Now I may get my garden planted in late April, long after frost has gone from southeastern PA!

Time for planting, time for ending the heating season, time for enjoying nature again

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