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January 2008
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An Ominous Start of a Year
The number one song in January 1971 was "Knock Three Times" by Tony Orlando and Dawn.


Wed 2 Jan  15:20
Several problems persist domestically, and staying away from home doesn't help.  I mopped the kitchen floor and washed white clothes.  I feel like the mother of two kids and a dog.
Mom's colonoscopy schedules 8:15 on Friday morning.  I paid her monthly bills and the membership in the AARP.  After work , I must get the materials tomorrow to prepare for the colonoscopy.
I have been plagued with Bishop Hoban (my high school) today.  I even ran over my curricula each of the four year in my mind to find out if I still remember each class and each period.  Mostly I kept n mind that picture of Beansy Monahan in the window.
Thu 3 Jan  10:09
The second part of communications occurred today.  Beginning with a summary of the first session last month, we concentrated on flow.
Fri 4 Jan  20:15
Probably the last day I'll have off in a while. produced little.  The colonoscopy showed nothing, but I had to drag Mom to get it.  Then I went for groceries.  A little later I put air in the tires, picked up my first cellphone at Verizon, and bought ink and another telephone at Walmart.
Sat 5 Jan  11:01
I begin at Block.  The lateness of the change on the reach of alternative minimum tax will affect education credits, energy credits, dependent and child care credits, and the saver's credit.
Mon 7 Jan  15:30
Apparently my second year of high school, as well as my second year of college, and my second year of graduate school appear to be critical in each turn.  Therefore, the first year had virtually no resemblance to the last year in any of the three times.  It will take more contemplation to straighten it all out.
I made my first group of calls on the cellphone today at "lunch" hour.  It is still a strange situation, despite my being a decade late.
Tue 8 Jan  14:30
I was up at 5:30, so I had time to get my brother up and to feed him, and I walked to work.  It was 7 this morning, more like April than January.
I've been having flashbacks of my sophomore year in high school.  Going through the GRE Biology preparation surely helps.
Wed 9 Jan  14:15
On Richard Nixon's ninetyfifth birthday, politics intervenes from New Hampshire.  Hillary Clinton pulled off a win, slowing Barak Obama, who had won the Iowa caucuses.  On the Republican side, John McCain did the same over Mitt Romney.  I sense a large fight between the hicky religious reich and the filthy rich exploiters.  Rudolph Guiliani didn't even campaign in either state.
Meanwhile, we've been experiencing weather I'd expect when tax season ends in fourteen weeks.  It was 15 this morning.  The ginkgo may be working, for Mom appears quite lucid.  I begin my first long day today at the countdown of ninetyseven days until 15 April 
Fri 11 Jan  15:12
Anvil was here today, so I went to my first seminar this year.  Because of a long lunch, the meeting I was planning to attned delayed a halfhour.
Currently I am looking over my notes in biology in high school, and I cannot figure out how I even learned the subject so inefficiently.  Anyway, I'm bak to the puzzle which prepares for the GRE's in bilology.
Sun 13 Jan  14:31
A long boring Sunday follows a rather long and boring Saturday.  Ugh!  Thirteen weeks from now will show the end of the tax season on Sunday 13 April!  Meanwhile I try not to put off whatelse I should do for another quarter of a year.
For the third Sunday in a row, I was up early enough for Mass.  Of course, the prostrifing continues to irritate me.  McCorvey vs Wade was thirtyfive years ago!  All thos justices are dead.  Meanwhile the political scene still looks favorable for a reversal of reactionarianism.
MIT continues to offer such delectables as petrology, which hurdles me back to earth-space science.  Back then, I had a reason to progress and to live.  The purpose of life eludes me, so I should pursue what made me happy so many years ago.
Thu 15 Jan  14:42
Last night at Block I did little until a late client showed up and pushed me over closing.  Today I walked to work, but I didn't have the number to alert a ride.  It was around freezing, hardly a hardship, even if I must walk home tonight.
Wed 16 Jan  14:42
I was back to driving this morning, and I was rather late getting to work.  I'll have an hour and a half gap until the session of the change in the rules of the alternative minimum tax begins.  

Thu 17 Jan  14:48
Walt conducted the seminar last night at Block over the consequencs of Congress's belated fix on the alternative minimum tax.  Either the client files complete after delaying into February, or the client files without the credits, then amends the return after 11 February and waits for the refund beyond tax season .  We never make the choice, but waiting until sending the entire return has its favor.
I met Herblock in a dream this morning.  I told him we still  need him today.  Was it a subconscious desire to take his place? Tonight I intend to bathe between Bodek and Block, because I'll want to get to bed as early as possbile, especially with the garbage and recyclables to go out tonight as well.
I played with the idea of transferring my notes from the GRE review to my old notebook from high school biology.  However, it seems there's little room left since I placed other notes in that book up until 1975.
On this date in 1975, I was on a class trip to Tamiment.  To this date, I question whether my going  at all was worth the effort.
Fri 18 Jan  8:10
Last night at Block approached uselessness.  It sloppily snowed, we had no clients walk in, and my desk was occupied.  I think my sole problem is concnetration, which was quite difficult last night.  It might explain the current gap with some four decades ago.
Sun 20 Jan  18:19
One year left of Schrub: 366 days
Boring!  I came in at 11, had one client walk out due to less back, and we are leaving at 6:30.  I was the only one here all day as a preparer.
I spent much of Saturday just choring around the house.  I washed three loads of laundry, took down my Christmas items in the front window of the bedroom, and played servant, including bathing, shaving, and dressing my brother.
Tue 22 Jan  15:00
 Only fiftytwo weeks left of Schrub.  I looked online for ranking of presidents, and Schrub has a great chance of being the failure in history, challenging Richard Nixon for the worst president ever.
Temple has a degree our called financial engineering, something I've never seen.  I'll explore it tonight, as I seek something to enhance my MBA.
The primary in Pennsylvania sits thirteen weeks from today.  I may need the day to revise my goals for 2008.
Sat 26 Jan
Last night was jumping; tonight is boring.  Last night a client came inat 9:10 for a "short" return.  I tried to reschedule, and she made a scene.  Sometimes it does not help to cover for the receptionist!  In my case, I did not understand the policy that we must take any late walkins.  Worse was one of the preparers had a client waiting to finish a return!   Someitmes I feel ten years old!
Today I did two loads of laundry, while Mom still managed some duties.  I tried to do my state return, but I could not find the paperwork. 
Tonight I ran a probe on the federal, and it looks as though they owe me $29.  Otherwise it looks as if I sent one client away to do a married filing jointly instead of separately.
Mon 28 Jan  15:33
The speed builds.  Although we closed early (about 9:10) Saturday night, Sunday ran busiy the first six hours.  I broke at 5 PM for a halfhour at JC Penney warehouse -- Boarders just closed -- and then came back with only paperwork.  I will shop for food for others tonight.  I may be needed earlier than 6 PM, but I will just have to chance it.
Tue 29 Jan  15:50
Last night two walked in at 8:50 and would not reschedule.  I had a client with a nonstatuatory exercised stock option.  They took the fair market value and used it and the basis as additional income and paid taxes on it. 
Thu 31 Jan  12:18
For the first time since Friday, 7 December 2001,. the electricity went off at my main place of employment-- at least when I've been present.  Fortunately I don't have Block tonight, so I can simply go to PathMark if I get out early.  After the electricity went off, just past 11:30. I found one of my flashlights was broken, because the batteries were corroded.  Perhaps all that inaction fro six years was simply too long!

The optimist stays up until midnight to see the New Year in.
The pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.
Bill Vaughn

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