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March 2008
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In like a lion, and out like a lamb

Sat 1 Mar  13:30
I cleaned some of the backlog in my room and downstairs, but I really need more time to move ahead.  A representative of the Bucks County Council on Aging came unexpectedly about this time yesterday.  About 7:30 I was so tired and headached that I went to bed for twelve hours.  I still had to nap before I came to Block around noon.
Wed 5 Mar  Andy Gibb's 50th  14:33
Last night I reached all my physical goals of bathing myself and Midnight.  I also sewed and patched some clothes.  Now begins three straight long days from the nineteen left.
Fri 7 Mar  15:00
I noticed that I still face six more weekends at Block.  I just feel mentally exhausted.  Last night the dingies in Bensalem sent a truck driver to our office without telling us.  Our enrolled agent was there to give me a start on the return.  It wasn't that difficult.  I had it done in an hour and a half.
Mon 10 Mar  16:10
Today is shaping more like this date in 1969 rather than 1981.  We took my brother to his doctor, who diagnosed bronchitis and suggesed we take him to Frankford Torresdale.  So here I am awaiting admission some five hours later.  I have lost the day, and I've canceled my stint at Block tongiht.  At this point, the doctor was correct.  His bronchitis has an opaque right lung.
Tue 11 Mar  14:48
My cousin took Mom to see Tim.  However, I received a call that the infection, called empyrea, is between the lung and the lung cavity.  The surgeon will operate soon to drain out the infection.  Once done, my brother will be on a respirator in intensive care.  Then he'll have "merely" pneumonia.
I'd forgotten that today is Philipp Rupf's 40th birthday.  Ironically, it was Nino Scalia who gave me the clue.  Given his birthday and the anniversary of my first job in Reaganomics after the MBA, I should have expected disaster on this date.
I walked to work for the first time since 15 January.  It was quite dark.  I hate such early daylight savings time!  I also found my New York Rangers cap in the space between front doors.  i'ts really a beanie!
Back to the curret situation.  A social worker from Frankford Hospital called me.  i am now thining something good might come out of all of this trouble.
Wed 12 Mar  15:23
The situation changed overnight.  Tim is sicker than thought.  The surgeon told me this morning that he took out more than two liters of pus from the lung cavty.  It took six hours to drain it out.  The ugliness of the current situation resurfaced as now we're confronted with what to do afterwards.
Tim will be on a ventilator for a few days and in critical condition for a week.  My cousin found out they never transferred to Bucks. It won't take long to get to Frankford Torresdale.
We went to bed at 8:30. and the surgeon called at 11:45 to wake me for two hours.  I also found three calls on the cellphone as well.  Therefore, I didn't feel rested when I arose.  My walk back and forth work left some muscles sore.  Fortunately I'll be exercising more as spring takes over.
Thu 13 Mar  15:28
The worker at the Council on Aging called me this morning, concerned about Mom's being alone.  My cousin took Mom to see Tim.  After work, I'm going to Lou's for vegetables, including cabbage.  A distant relative wants me to drop Block, but I'm going tonight after three days off and thirtythree days left of the season.

Fri 14 Mar  Ein Stein hat ein kaltes Herz!
'Twas twentytwo years ago today Reaganomics finally tested my sanity.  I'd received a ridiculous letter which stated that I could pay.  When I called the bluff, Penn State merely changed agencies.  Eventually that agency, called Payco in Ohio, found itself on the receiving end of nothing.  Even though my situation changed less than a month later, nothing could have altered the course which Reaganomics had wrought.
Today is my fourteenth last long day of working two jobs in one day.  The number is likely to be shorter because I plan to take off more time, but the last one should be a month from today.
Last night was quite profitable.  My remaining unresolved returned, unfortunately also on Monday night because no one bothered to catch my message.  Then I had another client whose returns for 2005 and 2006 to Philadelphia I've yet to do.
I've finished the disc part of the Leadership Mastery Course.  Dale Carnegie should have taught such a course in the MBA program to subsidize all the technocratic theories I'd absorbed at Penn State.  Do any of these programs assume this mastery comes from experience?  Or do they simply ignore it?  I should be done with Nightingale Conant for the year, for I have too much to do after tax season ends. 
Boring is the word tonight at Block!  I had some backlog from two clients, which took an hour and a half.  Otherwise, I went through the client call program for tomorrow night.
Sat 15 Mar  Cv Ids Mari, Caesar!  20:26
I arose too early, around 5 AM, and I began laundry after 6 AM.  I had to snooze twice to abate the effects of so little sleep.  I dragged three branches to the woods at 6 AM, with Midnight, who trailed me without a leash.  She waited for me on Hope Avenue until I retuned without the branches.  There is much mess in the backyard.
Tim seemed awake when we arrived just before 10:30.  We left after an hour, and a nurse told us there was little change since Wednesday night.  We went to PathMark, then home.  I finished the laundry, but little else before Block began.
I had a couple tonight, which  made my night, and it made up for last night.  It looks as though I lost a couple as well, because they left before I was finished.  Only thirtyone days left of tax season.
The transition from winter to spring has become quite obvious.  unfortunately I have not yet ordered my seeds.  How ironic it is that I used to begin my garden early in Mountaintop, where frost is common well into April.  Now I must wait to plant well into April.
Had the moon been full a day earlier, then the next full moon would be 19 April with both Easter and Passover on 20 April, Hitler's birthday.

Mon 17 Mar  15:20
Tim is slowly recovering.  Still in Room 15 of Intensive Care, the number of drugs is dropping.  Heart rate seems normal.  He's off vasopressin and epinepharine.  This morning they drained mucus for dropping the ventilator.
The Council on Agings checks in occasionally.  My sister wants to take Mom for a visit on Saturday, and I'd like to spend next weekend just cleaning up the house.
Tue 18 Mar  14:58
I called Intensive Care around 11 AM when I'd received no call about the procedure.  It turned out that there was no need for another drainage of mucus out of the lung.  Therefore, the next move is to remove the ventilator.
What to do after it's all over is the next concern.  With Block still four weeks left of the tax season, it's likely we will be back to status quo ante.  I figured I have twelve long days, twenty total days, and twentyeight calendar days left with Block.
Wed 19 Mar  7:59
Rain and darkness dominate the sunrise.  My sister called about 9:30 last night, and it only made me uncomfortable.  THe fact reamins that no one has helped overall, and no relative besides one cousin has bothered to visit Tim.  He was going to have an evaluation of swallowing today, but they want he to stop eating normally, which only adds to the problem at discharge.
I had a strange dream about my primary employer.  The Schrubbish Recession hit, and it was laying off.  We were wondering who was next.  Maybe it was the Schrubbish Depression!
The trouble with oldies remains how these powerful anchors jerk mne back into my longterm navet.  I then regret what I did not know then.  Overally I reflect too much on the past and not enough on what I should do now into the future.
Thu 20 Mar  15:04
Last night at Block was a total waste of time.  By nine o'clock, there were four of us without any clients.  Worse was this Second Look promotion.  Management demanded I call all twenty of my new clients.  i called all twenty on the list last night because there really was nothing else to do.  I was better off taking my groceries and wine home at six o'clock.
Fri 21 Mar  13:44
I had one client last night.  I did not have chance to call my clients from last year.  Otherwise it was a wasted evening, although I did break even with the past two nights.
Sat 22 Mar  17:14
It's been a long day due to a schedule of potential of nine and a half hours.  Becasue I had answered incoming calls, I made two appointments last night for today.  Both showed to break even the day.  However, I've had no one else, and the other half still mooms.  Because there are three preparers out on vacation this week, the rest of us have longer hours.  More hours do not mean more money.
Sun 23 Mar  12:19 Easter
Once again I am scheduled for Thursday, and I still have well over twenty hours despite having Easter off.  I almost had to stay to close out, but the important note is that I broke even for yesterday and Friday night.
This morining Mom and I went to Mass.  I made ham and cabbage, but I still haven't colored eggs.  Easter is just too early this year.  I will keep the decorations up until tax season ends.
Mon 24 Mar  20:52
After the talk with my sister, I dreaded he day.  The social worker called early, and I lowered the boom.  There is just no way  we can continue to take care of Tim.  I told him so when we visited just past noon.  I sent word via email when we arrived home.
Tonight I grabbed a client because she'd been misapplied in the schedule.  However, it looks as though we're losing money tonight.
Wed 26 Mar  15:33
-fortyone years since we saw "The Man Called Flinstone"  on Easter.
I seem to have confronted a metaphore of my life, as I am realizing that it is not easy to place Tim in a home.  I made a longterm attempt on Luther Woods (which my physical therapist brother-in-law recommends)  I need an approach for the calls.  I wonder whether I am making things worse by calling.
Thu 27 Mar  15:28
The search for a place continues to stall.  The social worker cannot seem to find a place to takie him; it may take awhile.  No one wants him home during the search.
A client showed up last night at Block, giving my abilities a workout.  He has a business as a sole proprietor.  First, I did not know, nor had I ever heard that someone still married, but separated may file as single instead of married filing separately.  Second, I had to straighten out the taxation for Philadelphia on the business privilege tax and the tax on net profits.  The entire session took nearly three hours and cost $519.  Unfortunately, the client disputed the cost after the seesion.  Consequently, I came home late, nearly ten o'clock. 
I also found out that the penaltyfor underpaying taxes persists into the next year -- and we charge for it -- to prove that it was not repeated.  I think that the form appeared bcause he would have owed the federal governement on his gross income.
Fri 28 Mar  8:01
I was back in 1977 with my recordplaying this morning.  Then I thought about the incident of my dropping ot of linear algebra back in February 1977.  Why didn't the prof offer tutoring, or at least probe why I wanted to drop the course nearly eight weeks into the ten-week term?  Our New Kid in Town went to Hotel California to stay with the Eagles.  Somewhere lies the secret of reforming my life toward better results.
Last night at Block was a total waste.  All I did was to clean out my clients.  I called thirteen without even contacting one.   I think it's time to go after the clients of other preparers who are not there this year.  There are fewer than a weeks' worth of days to call clients.
Only 6 long days, 6 regular day, and 6 days off over the 18 days left of tax season after today.

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