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June 2008

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June is busting out all over!

Mon 2 Jun  14:55
Twentytwo years ago saw the end of a career before it had even started at Vide France.  It took nearly two years to get a job, which lasted six weeks.  It took only the boss of the boss to poison the well.  It took only a desperate acceptance to find the job far less than Peachy!
I spent much of yesterday in my intellectual pursuits, trying to get back the magic of 1971 through faded eyes.  I even printed some applications for the state civil service.
Thirtysix years ago my freshman year at Saint John's ended.  Little did I know I was three weeks from the Agnes flood and three years from the end of Bishop Hoban proper.  In fact, this year is the first year since Bishop Hoban ceased to exist.  Hopefully it is also the end of telephone soliciting.
The termiteinspectors showed up today.  Now I just need the work on the fence and gate to complete the project.
Wed 4 Jun  15:05
Last night Barak Obama clinched the delegates to receive the nomination.  This morning I had an intuition that I will find my purpose in life soon. 
I also thought about 1981, and how little I needed to be happily actualized.      
Last night Monika taught us the first session of the real estate taxes course.  It was anticlimactic, because of my early lunch yesterday.
I must watch what I say anymore.  Yesterday morning the doctor's office called and asked for a urine sample for the umpteenth time.  I called home to remind Mom.  Unfortuately she decided to walk to the office with the vial, instead of filling it at home.  i had to take an early lunch to take her home.
Thu 5 Jun  15:38
There was speculation on the internet of what if RFK had become president.  The real question of whether RFk could have squeaked past HHH in delegates by the time the convention occurred in Chicago.  My guess is the primary in New York was critical.  Most likely Walter Mondale as the candidate for the vice-presidency would have mollified both HHH and Eugene McCarthy.  Against Richard Nixon, RFK would have taken Illinois and Ohio, with George Wallace's hurting Nixon in the South.  Figuring out where the electoral votes come from is the problem.
Fri 6 Jun  15:07
I received a call from Statesman.  Tim was complaining of chest pains, so they send him to Frankford Bucks for tests.  Meanwhile I discovered that Radiology at Frankford Torresdale closes at 5 PM on Fridays.
Meanwhile I've yet to get the tapes on learning along, nor most of what I want to do this summer.  Tonight will have to do for planning.  A little work on German and biology just won't do!  
Sun 8 Jun 14:02
The temperature soared to 38 again this afternoon.  I continued to clean my room, one piece at a time.  I've thrown out few books  so far.
I called Statesman last morning, and I found out that Frankford Bucks had just admitted Tim on Friday.  No one had told me.  Furthermore, Mon and I had just gone to Frankford Torresdale for X-rays.  We visited this morning before the heat returned.  I had to order cable bacause we don't know how long he'll be there.  I billed it on my telephone.  This time we won't pay for a useless telephone in the hospital room.
After some research on the margins of the vote in the states in the presidential election of 1968, I figured the midwest held the key.  Assuming RFK produced some two million votes more than HHH, I fugured Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, and New Jersey would have switched for the electoral votes to win.  Could Texas had stayed Democratic as well as Maine?
I just saw Saturn and Regulus by the moon tonight.  I need binoculars to distinguish the planet and the star, yellow and white, respectively.
Mon 9 Jun 15:37
I began the calles during lunch in the dark in my office.  I was tempted to check the internet, but I think I'll just ignore it.  I had the reference for the X-ray sent, but I don't have the insurance card for the CAT scan, and the main doctor wasn't in for the MRI.  I called Bucks on Aging about the move to the hospital.  I could not get the social worker of the hospital.
The relative continue to ignore us.  Lori called for details last night.  Today the highs are back around 38, and I walked to work.  I have been catching the bus under the current timeclock.  I may be driving the rest of the week.
Wed 11 Jun  15:02
Just my luck, I caught a cold during the hottest time of the year!  The heatwave dissolved into a thunderstorm.  When I came out of Block, the ground was nearly dry.
We have medical appointments this month, but nothing else.  It's eight weeks since tax season ended., and the list remains unchecked.
Thu 12 Jun  15:03
I left the cellphone home today, so I called on the company line to schedule an appointment for the MRI.  Within two weeks, I should have everything done for Mom's appointments.
My summer cold remains persistent after the heatwave.  I picked a bad time to be toastmaster.  There seems to be obstacles toward my progress.
On the tracking poll, Obama just flipped Michigan, which makes a victory probable.  McCain tried a tuquoque argument about a Carterian second term, which flopped.  The tired old man just doesn't have the ability.
Sun 15 Jun  22:05
Another weekend passed with little beyond cut grass and washed clothes.  I cleaned up some of the extra dirt on the steps on the steps from the cellar going outside.  We visited Tim, who was still on the oxygen.  Mom wanted to leave early, so that's all we did.
My cold seems to have faded out, starting with yesterday morning.  My nose stopped running, especially with all my naps, and my throat no longer remained sore, and my cough disappeared.
Wed 18 Jun  15:27  when Paul McCartney's 66...
The real estate course just drags along with numerous errors in the printed course.  I bathed before I went to class.  I have two left in that course.
We went for the MRI on Monday night.  The office never called me about the results, so I am going to wait until after the CAT scan on Sunday.
Nancy G talked to me about my sketching yesterday as I struggle to get my abilities back. long unused since I began my present job.


Fri 20 Jun  14:20
I walked to work yesterday in the cool morning at 13.  Because I missed the bus, I walked home as well.  The skin the in center of both plantars peeled off.  I did not break in my Scholl shoes.
Sat 21 Jun  21:58
I spent all day home with just a little varnishing, a little cleaning, and a little work on Block.  Otherwise, all else I received was an update from Lori.  Tomorrow we'll be on the go part of the day.
Mon 23 Jun  8:20
Yesterday we spent too much time waiting for the CAT scan.  We arrived at noon.  At one o'clock, they informed us we had yet another hour to wait.  Therefore, we went to visit and returned at 2:30.  The CAT scan took ten minutes, and we were out before 3 PM.
I was hoping to get more done this weekend, but something keeps interfering.  I am closeer toward the finish of revarnishing the deck.
I walked today with 21 and cloudy.  My muscles don't seem used to it anymore.
Wed 25 Jun  14:42  Bill Landis is 50 today.
My sore right heel flaired yesterday.  I made an appointment with a podiatrist for Bastille Day.  It will make two Monday afternoons in a row for doctor's appointments.  All add to three Fridays off.  Nonetheless I still have much to do around the house, if anything.
Rental real estate is about to end, and tax benefits will take the Monday evenings in July.  Then there's the new guide to the levels which require specific courses to achieve each level.  I'll use that guide the rest of the way to tax season.
Thu 26 Jun  8:23
I slept well throughout the night only to dream again of former motelrooms in State College.  Sigmund, I need help.  This weekend will be the first of three long ones, and I need an agenda.  For tomorrow, the issue of property taxes and varnishing deks dominate.  Could I long for living alone and caring only for myself?  I did so in State College for over eight years!  Could I desire to learn again for a radical change in my life? 
Sat 28 jun  17:27
Yesterday became busier moreso than expected.  We went up to Statesman to sign papers for Inglis House.
Mon 30 Jun  14:54
Friday was an advenutre because I found the minicipal building on the internet, called for another assesswment, and drove up there with my checkbook.  The township and the county taxes are due today.  Then we received the school taxes on Saturday.  I mailed the payment out today to finish the year.
I finished the deck by running out of varnish.  I then finished the calendar for July.  I did little else, for we stayed home Saturday,and Sunday.  We visited Tim, and stopped at Acme on the way back early Sunday afternoon.  The cleaning will have to wait for next weekend. I will be between courses at Block as well.
I downloaded the two expansions of rights from the Supreme Court.  Defining a right to bear arms and to incorporate it against the states had the longer arguments.  Had the Warren Court done it, there'd be an uproar from George Will et alii.


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