Intellectual Diversion
September 2007
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I'ts over now; it's a summer romance, and it's through. -- Rolling Stones on Emotional Rescue, 1980
On Labor Day 1975, I remember that game well.  I was about to begin my time at Penn State, never suspecting that it'd be for nine years straight.  If only I could go back and have a talk with myself!


At this time of the year, I hark back to the sevenites.  First, we saw that in 1975, I began my sojourn at Penn State.  I was like a kid in a candy store.  I wanted to taste everything!  After nine years, I still was not satisfied.
In 1977, I tried to start anew at the Wilkes-Barre Campus at Penn State.  I had spent the entire summer planning my moves.  Overall, they did succeed in preparing me for other endeavors.  In that year, I rediscovered history, a subject I'd been avoiding the first two years.  It was an invigorating trip, although I always knew it would not last.
In 1978, I went up the main campus to my own former motel room.  I was finally on my own, as Jimmy Carter worked Camp David with Manachem Begin and Anwar Sadat.  Thus, the number one song of "Boogie Oogie Oogie" by  a Taste of Honey.  I had finally seen the first of the Star Wars films, I so I had Luke Skywalker on my mind as well.
What really irritates me is then I tried so many times to avoid a deadend job, only to find one in 1995 as an improvement!


Wed 5 Sept  15:15
Strangely the flashbacks I've had are not related to even anniversaries.  Thirty years ago today, I was watching a film festival for Groucho Marx while the chits banged the wall outside.  I was looking very forward to going to the Wilkes-Barre Campus in two days just to get away from Coal Street.  Last night, "THe Bronx Is Burning" focused on the World Series in 1977.  I was too busy at the campus to watch it, although I did catch it in 1978 with the same teams.  I was at the campus from 8 AM to 8 PM Mondays through Thursdays, and almost as long on Fridays.
My flashbacks have been 1978 -- and on this date I moved into the former motel room I would occupy for nearly six years.  I'll probably feel it again as I walk home from Franklin Mills today.  The other one is 1980 -- and it peaked on the Third when I was at the highlight of the week.  I think those two years and 1975 were a very new experience with loads of potential moreso than even 1977, when I had planned what I was going to achieve my third year at the campus.  Little did I know that I was about to have a great adventure in history.
Sun 9 Sept  -- four months since my last existential nausea  20:33
It's been hot this weekend as I've found myself with housework alongside some outside activities.  I did get some time in online with Block, although the courses are not what I want.  I just want to get enough credits to get by before I tackle the rest.
I try to dispose of useless things, especially books.  I must cut expenses on things I won't use.
Meanwhile, I saw the very violent "The Departed".  The only good part is that it's available on both Spanish and French subtitles and dubbings.
Mon 10 Sept  14:45
Ond he ... dhone cyning hæd dhat he him wæpen sealde on stodhors.  And he asked the king to give him (that he give him) weapons and (a) studhorse.
I continue my pursuit of regaining my mental abilities.  As I  look over ancient Greek from this time in 1975, I think of the lack of drilling as the culprit, the same drilling I avoided nealy all the time since then.  As I listen to Hypnology, I recall that I tried it all before, and it's time to attempt it again.
Mom must have been up nearly all night.  She was still sleeping when I left.  Despite my lateness, I still gained the parking space and beat everyone to the office.
Schrub will be touting his greatest failure tomorrow.  We have 71 weeks left of his presidency.  The lack of competence alone should have ended his bought and stolen term. 
Tue 11 Sept  15:30
One for thon ic the bebiode .. that thu the thissa woruldthinga .. geæmetige.  And therefore I command thee .. that thou free thyself from these worldly concerns.
Once again I had to dress my brother this morning.  I think Mom was up all night.  The stormdoor should come today.  I just confirmed the Alzheimers group at Frankford next Thursday.
Sat 15 Sept  38 years left
I went alone for the groceries today.  I'ts been cool since the rain began overnight.  Otherwise, the day passed too fast as I picked at the calendar (Ocotober) for awhile, and I found another course at Block. (1031)
Yesterday I went to an optometrist for the first time since 1985.  My eyes are typical for my age.  I must take Mom back on Columbus Day,the ninth deathday of Matthew Wayne Shepard.

Tue 18 Sept 13:56
I sit at the Women's Humane Society while Mon gets a tooth capped.  We have three ahead of us, so it's likely it won't take the hour we have to get the shots done.
Gerri was out again today, and we have no catalogs, nor the number of the service.  I've been looking on the website of the federal government for relief.
On my latest view of "The Departed", I had a strange thought about any sort of presentation.  The audience is there, but cannot interact with the players.  Would being dead be the same in reference to life?  Of course, it is possible for the dead to interact with living, but certainly not directly. 
Wed 19 Sept  15:08
The dental appointment was long enough for us to take Midnight for her shots.  We sat fifty minutes while three were ahead of us, and it took three minutes for the examination and the distemper shot.
Last night I went belatedly to the dermatologist.  I brought up the scrotal mess.  The dermatologist I will see on 6 November to check the progress.  I have another salve and a fungicide, along with daily soaking of the scrota.  I stopped at Acme on the way home and used the card.  My trip to the library was futile.
I hate taking halfdays off.  I put in nearly an hour of unpaid overtme to go with the fortyfive minutes yesterday morning.  Because the capping of the tooth cost more than I took out, I must withdraw more from Mom's account.
This morning I almost had my brother ready early enough for me to walk to work.  I had gasoline and a stop for money from his account, and I'll get my dermatological prescription filled this afternoon.  I think I'll stop for wine as well,  The cooling weather affects my health.
Thu 20 Sept  18:24
I am waiting for the Alzheimer's support group to begin at Frankford Hospital Bucks, which I substituted  for Toastmasters last week.  Despite my spending nearly two hours in unpaid overtime on Tuesday and Wednesady, I am not caught up at work, and I must take tomorrow morning off.
Sat 22 Sept
It's been a warm day, between 18º and 28º, almost warm enough tonight for conditioning.  I awoke this morning just past seven after a dream where I was back in my former motelroom.  It expanded to accommodate 88 people.  It reminded me of other dreams of College Court Motel as a large dark series of tents instead of motelrooms.
Mon 24 Sept  15:46
Mom was up all night, waking me just past midnight.  The morning was bad, like something out of the Twilight Zone.  Confusion of the time of day, me, and dead people was the fare.  I didn't sleep the day away at 6 AM, the mail doesn't come at 7 AM, I don't live nearby, and no one can call my grandparents by ordinary means.
Tue 25 Sept  15:11
I was going over my life yesterday, and I saw a pattern of settling for far less than I could get.  I thought about how much I retreated from Nanticoke in Ashley.  I even assumed the bullies were a part of my life.  Outside of my sojourn near Newton NJ, I always had such trouble.  It continued up to the present, and it provides a cogent reason why I sit here still severely underemployed and putting in unpaid overtime to overcome the overwhelming amount of Reaganomics.
I called Liberty Resources, and Debbie Townsend suggested I call the Jewish Community resources.  Belatedly I am progressing, and I'll call tonight. 
I was up at 4:30, and I gave up at 5 AM.  Therefore, I was able to walk to work today in the cool  September weather.  With the change of the bus schedule, I may be walking home tonight.
Thu 27 Sept  15:48
I called the Jewish Community again, and they led me back to the same character who turned us down in July.  I left him a message this afternoon.  I also called the Buck County Department of Aging for more information on resources this afternoon.
Midnight came into my room last night.  it was warm again, so I had the conditioner on.  I pushed the door closed behind her, so she stayed in my room four hours, until I left the room.
I took the van the second day in a row, yet I did not work unpaid overtime.  Only Tuesday did I walk to work -- and all the way back, as it turned out.  Maybe I'll do it Friday  -- tomorrow.
Fri 28 Sept  14:46
Mom was up again at 2:30 and had Tim up as well.  Midnight was sleeping in my room by the door as well.  Like that picture of David Wright in the dugout last night, the less written about it the better.

September Song


Warm September brings the fruit.
Then sportsmen begin to shoot.

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