Intellectual Diversion
May 2008
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Thu 1 May 15:40
"Thank You, Lord, for giving us Terry", 1980
When we visited Statesman last night to bring clothes and the television set, the wheelchair was not there.  I am trying to find out if it's still in Frankford Torresdale.
Then the confusion over which procedure we were going to have there caused the cancelation of the appointment Saturday.  The scribbled prescription were for X-rays, not a CAT scan.
Next weekend may be quite prosperous, for I may receive the bribe rebate, along with my bonus.  It would be so nice to happen on the anniversay of my first encounter with existential nausea, on the same pattern of the leap year in 1980.
Sun 4 May  Four Dead in Ohio, 1970
This weekend showed slow progress.  We stayed nearly all day Saturday until Mom insisted on shoes at WalMart.  I purchased a disc recorder there.  Today we went to Home Depot, where I purchased five cans of blacktop for the driveway.  Then we visited Tim at Statesman.  They had him in a makeshaft wheelchair.  Later I watered down the deck and the van.  It look as though everything else will be on hold until next weekend.
Tue 6 May  14:40
Last night I decided to stay home.  We have a family meeting at Statesman on Friday, so I figured we'd better go visiting tonight. Purple Heat came today.  unfortunately, I must look for anothe mower.  I now have two mowers in need of repair, along with an air conditioner.  Senior Citizens Center called, and the schedule should arrive at the end of the week.
Wed 7 May  14:40
Last night I went to Sears to buy yet another mower.  I plan to use it tonight.  I also picked up and recorded Italian conversation and Greek on disc.  I will take them all back on Friday when we visit Statesman again.  They are going to move Tim to 49A, the longterm care wing called C.
I tired to see Mercury and the moon last night, but both had already set.  I was a halfhour late.
Thu 8 May  18:48
Tonight is my first time at Toastmasters this year.  I ran the new mower last night, and it is more powerful than the older one. I still have the front yard to mow.  It will be a busy three-day weekend.
Sat 10 May  15:55
I had the strangest thought yesterday that I was better off twentyeight years ago, despite the existential nausea.  Part of the current nausea involves the stark fact that Tim will get therapy only until Medicaid cuts it off.  They moved him to longterm care, which suggest that he will rot in that nursing home.
Sun 11 May
We went for haircuts, but nothing else.  I discovered I lacked paint thinner, a roller, and even a pump!  I also lacked seeds for corn.  I shoveled the excessive leaves into the garden.  Planting must wait.  I'll do it tomorrow once I visit Home Depot on the way home.
Tue 13 May  14:53  MOVE my fire, 1985
I can't help remembering how porky one cop was in 1986, when I was passing city hall in Philadelphia.  It was merely a year after the MOVE fire, and I encountered arrogance.
My cellphone remains missing, although I caught Mom with my checkbook this morning.  It was raining, damp, and cold last night, so we stayed home.  We should visit tonight, so I can return my discs on languages on the way back.
I had yet another phenomenal dream of living in a former motel room.  It's been eighteen years, and such images still haunt me.  I must return to academia, because I am unhappy with my current life.  I tried and struggled to read more on Moe Berg last night, up to 1944.  My eyes tend to blur out sometimes.
Wed 14 May  14:33
I decided I must go back to Verizon about my missing cellphone.  It's been missing almost a week with no sign of it since Toastmasters.  I did not miss it until Sunday.
Yesterday Barnes and Noble delivered my two graphic novels on Alex Rider and the answers and questions on astrophysics.
Thu 15 May   15:10
I took my problems, and I replace the cellphone.  No sooner did I experience a hundred when my televison has problems with the color.  The extra expenses keep coming.
Fri 16 May  8:22
I slept again over nine hours.  The sickness wiped out the week.  I  still don't feel fully well and rested.  I had the weirdest dream that I stayed in some bedroom while the occupants were out.  Then they came home.  I awoke before I escaped.
I finished both Alex Rider graphic novels.  The astrophysics book is a maze itself.
It's raining, and I've been having the runs.  I just called to confirm that we're not going anywhere tonight.  I must have an intestinal virus.
Cardin and Boomer (on WFAN) were particularly chirping this morning over the lackadaisical play of the Mets yesterday afternoon.  A 1-0 loss for a total of three out of four at home against the worst team in the division.  The play ranks with my colon today.


Sat 17 May  15:52
I went to bed at 6:30 and slept eleven hours, trying to shake the diarrhea.  My last dream went once again to College Court Motel.  This time several of the rooms were converted to businesses.  Then I arrived home to find the room completely empty!  The light was on, and the door was wide open.
I decided to stay inside to recover.  The gas continues, while I tried to cleanse my colon.  Despite my lack of appetite, I didn't lose any weight.  I hover at 103 kg, and I have hot flashes.
Sun 18 May  10:30
After another night of over nine hours of sleep, I am still ailing.  The diarrhea seems to have subsided, but I still feel hot.
Mon 19 May  8:10
Ugh!  I was sick the entire weekend.  I did virtually nothing besides sleep.  I don't remember being this sick this long.  Apparently, I turned the corner last night.  Meanwhile, the Yankees were the sick ones, and the Mets benefitted.
Tue 20 May
I finally had a normal amount of sleep, but I proceed cautiously.  The last sign of diarrhea appeared yesterday.  I awoke after a normal amount of time and covers.
Last night we went to PathMark, then I had time only to bathe and retire.  I skipped the produce, given we'll be back on Friday.
What continues to bother me is time's passing since tax season ended.  I don't seem to have time for my regular chores, let alone my ambitions.  The garden is still unplanted.  I lost an entire weekend because of sickness.  How can I get out of this rut?
On this date in 1972, I was on my way to Andalusia.  I left noon from Mountain Top with my grandfather and uncle.  Then we met with my other uncle and cousin and drove toward Veterans' Stadium.  I think we took the train from Bridge and Pratt.
We went to a doubleheader between the Mets and the Phillies.  I was the only one who rooted for the Mets.  I even bought a cap for the ride home after victories of 3-1 and 2-1.  I think Jon Matlack and Ray Sedecki won the games.  The Mets were 24-7 going into the absolute peak the next day.
Wed 21 May  14:57
That flashback from 1972 triggered a whole line of streams of what I was thinking about my intellectual world at the time.  Earth-space science dominated every other subject, especially absent any course in history.  Then I think about how high I scored in the entrance tests, and I wonder whether I simnply took the wrong course.  I know I did so in my senior year, and I could not change it.  Delaying everything does not seem a good idea.  Anyway, the subject of numerical methods in astrophysics...Could there be another view of calculus?
Fri 23 May  15:02
I skipped Toastmasters last night because of a pain in my right heel.    I soaked a hot bath, messaged my heels, and ibuprofined.  Today the pain is gone, except when I descend stairs.  I made an appointment for Wednesday afternoon at 5:20.  I'll probably go to a podiatrist next, for the first time since 1979.
Meanwhile Statesman informed me that they are seeking another place for Tim.  They wanted us to check a place in New Castle DE!  I suppose it's another opportunity for fix the problem permanently.
Sun 25 May  10:32
My primary task was to varnish the deck.  The major parts are finished.  I think I'll wait until the end of summer for a second coat. While I was outside, Miles from King Paving showed up and offered to asphalt the entire driveway for $2800.  Circumstances dictated I agree.  I'm a month behind on my tasks already.
I felt nauseated much of the day.  I spent much of it merely going through many papers.  I also put the stormwindows up and cut the back lawn.  I realized I lacked checks, so I had to order them as well.  They say it'll take 2-3 weeks.
I continued "The Catcher Was a Spy".  Moe Berg and I have much more in common.  It turned out that intelligence had already determined the Nazis were well behind in developing an atomic bomb.  Furthermore, Werner Heisenberg appears as having little to do with its development.  Why Hitler would have allowed Heisenberg to go to Zurich in December 1944 also commands a good question.
Tue 27 May  15:30
After a disappointing underachievement worthy of the Mets, events ran quickly.  The driveway should be finished when I get home.  I called the head-injury program and the Council on Aging.  I also confirmed my appointment with the dermatologist tonight.  Everthing seems so unsettling.
I fell asleep at midnight after going into the dry part on Moe Berg after World War II .  I went through the neglected Scientific American for May, then finally fell asleep with the Schaum outline on biochemistry.  The many tasks I've neglected seem to haunt me at every turn.
Wed 28 May  8:08
The only work on the driveway removed the plants.  I finished the book on Moe Berg.  It's the first book I've read through in decades.  My appointment with the dermatologist was eventless.  I also picked up levothyroxin and checked on the remote for Tim's television.
Fri 30 May  14:46
The cost of repairs -- the shocks, the conditioner, and the brakes -- came to a thousand.  Meanwhile the driveway awaits.
Sat 31 May  22:52
Miles Connors had already deposited the check for the driveway pavement this morning.  First, he showed up right after we had just returned from PathMark.  He wanted cash, then faked a call to the boss.  I had just picked up blank checks.
The cost of fixing the brakes and the air conditioning came over a thousand.  Today I found out that Millevoi's didn't replace the shocks.
I awoke too late to go for a radiology.  We'll have to go next Saturday.  After spending $3800 in one day just demanded a quiet day.  Mon and I went to Mass this afternoon, but nothing else.  I cleaned up the basement a bit.  I will need a fix on the posts and the gate up front next week.

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