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November 2007

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As the leaves fall, so does the year.

Mon 5 Nov  14:28
The extra hour did not help much this weekend.  I finished putting down the stormwindows for the winter, although the two I reglued still went in crooked.  I spent too little time on Block, as the training will begin next week.  I still feel different with the videotapes of the course on black holes.
Thu 8 Nov
Little progress reports this week.  Because of the time I've spent on astrophysics, I am having flashbacks of 1967.  I find myself analyzing my sojourn in Newton NJ, the school, the situations, especially with the lower workload lately.  Even going to Toastmaters brings ill effect.  Of course, I should go if anything to pay dues and get cartridges.  The guilt that others try to lay on me just don't stick.
Fri 9 Nov  14:50
I went to Toastmasters last night to pay my yearly dues and to pick up printer cartridges.  I went to Barnes and Noble for books on astrophysics.  Instead they had demystifiying ones on advanced physics and quantum mechanics, along with Skywatch magazine for 2008.  i must order the astrophysics books online.  I had quite a time with selfservice search on a computer, with both touch and keyboard, lacking a mouse! 
Mon 12 Nov  14:46
The total cost for four new tires and labor ran $467.  I think I'll wait awhile before going back.  I left the van just past 8 Am, and I didn't get it back until past 4.  My debit card did not work because it had expired.
I began my calendar for December, finishing about a third of the month.  I called Liberty Resources and Meals on Wheels today.  It all comes together if I consider this whole mess an opportunity to get out and get going after my projects.  I must go to PathMark tonight for pills and groceries, probably for next weekend.
Tue 13 Nov  14:45
"Advanced Physics Demystified" by Stan Gibilisco appears to be really a cross between high school and engineering physics.  I did not get past the Schrödinger equation on quantum mechanics.  Of course, ultimately, I want to place it all into astrophysics.  I didn't take the step of buying the books yet.  Alexander Wolszczan showed up in the latest Penn Stater.  Now Adam Morgan has another astronomer on my site.
I dread going back to Block tomorrow night.  i have seven sessions of training for a job I may not take next year.  I still haven't returned to the online courses since I passed certification.  I keep thinking the entire endeavor will engender its own momentum like decades ago.
I went to PathMark last night, saw  Matt Artysh again, went shopping for Mom, and forgot to pick up the pills!  i will go again tonight because Mom was still asleep when I left nearly 7:30 this morning.
Wed 14 Nov  18:26
I've made contact with Meals on Wheels and the Jewish Community Center for domestic help.  In both cases, I await a callback while I try other avenues.
Thu 15 Nov
Earlier this week, Mitt Romney brought up his Mormonism, which reminisced the campaign in 1960.  Then the network showed the meeting with the ministers in Houston on Monday, 12 September.  Some of the questions were rather hostile, but in light of the situation of Catholicism before Vatican II, the questions were fair.  What the network did not note was the prelates then intervened into the campaign.  JFK took the questions ad lib, something Schrub could never do.

Sun 18 Nov  21:45
I finally finished the last of the videolectures on black holes.  I feel lost about the mathematics.  I hope to clarify it when I receive two books on astrophysics.
Mon 19 Nov  15:15
My sister berated me with all kinds of negativity over the domestic situation on Saturday.  It's really exacerbating.  The timing of requesting aid remains critical.
Last week I finally realized that I was just too hung up over La Place transforms.  It took three decades to realize that La Place transforms are the same as basic differentiations and integrations.  I never worried about the means of getting the operators to work them out.  I hope to solve the mathematical questions over astrophysics soon, even if I have to return to 1967 to do it.
It seems as if I am driving every day now.  Mom did not get up.  I think I'll take a bath before I go to Block tonight.
Tue 20 Nov  14:49
My bath ran well, but I had to put my brother to bed when I arrived home early.  I also dressed him this morning.  I am going to PathMark before I return home and go to Block tonight.
Sat 24 Nov
No one really visited on Thanksgiving, although the director of the head injury program called yesterday morning.  Apparently the plan calls for longterm care, rather than shortterm and temporary solutions.
I cooked the turkey on Thursday, after taking an hour to finish the defrost.  Despite the extra time, It appears that I still can't get everything done.  Tonight I am struggling to clean up my bedroom for Christmas.
Mon 26 Nove  14:58
My sister and family showed up yesterday with all three nephews.  I cleaned the kitchen, the main bathroom, and rest of my room yesterday.  I didn't finish raking the leaves nor draining the mower.  Firday afternoon should be good.  I brought up the longer tree and set it up.  My traditional tree must wait for a setup in the front bedroom window.
I am expecting two packages today from UPS -- blinking lights and astrophysics.  If both are worthy, I should be ordering more soon.
I just finished the calendar for December and brought it to work.  It was dead here on Friday.  Still, I took down the mail this morning because no one else had done it.
Tue 27 Nov  14:50
I did not complete the bank agency training at Block last night, alhtough I did get the one on Easy IRA's done  Later, when I could not sleep, I went online and finished it.  Only a few more to go!
The lights came fully padded; I should have ordered more.  The two astrophysics books should help me get into the mental condition for the subject.
We had a partial outage in credit and the warehouse this morning.  The brownouts occurred at least three times.
I went to PathMark for pills, one of the two was not refilled.  It still is not, so I'm going directly home for a bath tonight.  When I self served, I found Wyoming among the quarters.  It happened before Matthew Wayne Shepard's 31st birthday.  Utah is next to finish the nineteenth century.
Wed 28 Nov  14:44
I was forced to drive this morning, just above freezing at 1 º as as the old gibbous set.  Last night's time at Block was rather useless with Monika.  I had to step aside and leave my desk so others could get through the training for bank agency.
I called the Bucks Council on Aging today, after the stall from the local Meals on Wheels, and the reference from the Bensalem Seniors' Center.
My look through "Astrophysics in a Nutshell" has not been as revelant as expected.  The text doesn't really get into mathematical problems.  I shoud stop and look around on this subject.  On black holes, it does explain some of the concepts on the lectures at MIT.
Thu 29 Nov  15:23
I just found some of the cosmology on the course at MIT at the end of the book on "Astrophysics in a Nutshell".  Another thought is that my difficulty with the subject might compare to my initial difficulty with astronomy back in 1981, beofre Adam Morgan was born!
Fri 30 nov  11:00
I went to PathMark this morning, but the pharmacy was still closed.  We hit the appointment in time despite the delays.  I looked over the application for PA HIP, and we're just going to finesse our way to sent the application into the department.


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