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February 2008

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February really should be the last month of the year, as it used to be!

Fri 1 Feb  15:27
The electricity returned about 2:53, left again around 3, and returned ar 3:09.  I was able to get much done before going to PathMark and home.  Tonight begins the hectic weekend of the first peak week of the primary period.  Tomorrow nieth the groundhog nor Bill Murray will be at Blcok, as the first Saturday in February tends to be extremely busy.
Tonight I stop for produce and wine before I go to Block in the rain.  Still, I fail to find much of a reason to work there, given the meager rewards.
Mon 4 Feb  8:07
Eli's coming, hide your patriots!  At the last minute of the Superboel, Eli Manning threw a touchdown which ended the unbeaten streak of the New England Patriots of the 2007-8 season.
I was quite busy at Block over the weekend, making nearly $600, drawing about $164.  We were going to sneak out at 5 PM, but I picked up a last-minute walkin, which proved very lucrative.
I didn't write about yet another dream of being in State College.  Instead of living in a converted garage, I was in a position similar to May 1984, when I was forced to return to Wilkes-Barre.  I interpret the dreams as my desire to move on with my life after a decade of stagnation and a decade of instability.
Wed 6 Feb  14:53  Pruneface is 97.
Ugh!  I'm officially here thirteen years!  On the way here I thought of a comic analogous to "Calvin and Hobbes", only the kid daydreams of schoolwork and those characters of history.  There was nothing wrong with the physics aspect of Calvin's imagination.  Albert Einstein had his travel on a lightbeam with a mirror.
Meanwhile, Liberty Resources is coming to evaluation on Friday afternoon.  I will have to take off a halfday, but I need the relief because I'm at Block tomorrow night.  Therefore, I'll have more time for groceries Friday afternoon.
Thu 7 Feb  14:35
A couple rescued last night, as the business seems to fall off.  Unfortunately I awoke at 4:40 after sic hours of sleep.  I have another night at Block while on fumes.  I will have to run home, bathe, then take out garbage before going to Block.  I simply need both Tuesday and Thursday nights off.
Fri 8 Feb  8:23
After all the rush and the three absences at Block, I still have no clients in three hours.  Today will be an early exist, a busy afternoon at home, and an evening at Block.  My hours drop towardtwenty hours from nearly thirty this week. 
Mon 11 Feb  15:14
On this date in 1990, I ceased living alone.  I hope it isn't yet another eighteen years until I live alone again.  I certainly didn't intend to take care of two kids and a dog!
This past weekend was definitely. less budy, less crazy, and less prfitable.  Because we have so many new workers and the larger commissions, I came out ahead every night.  Saturday made up both empty nights on Thursday and Friday.  I still haven't finished corporate taxation.
Winter decided to return yesterday, leaving this morning at -11 and windy.  It reminded me of those glorious mornings in Mountaintop  while delivering the Wilkes-Barre Record.  January 1970 still holds the record for three mornings at -20.  Ultimately, as sixtyfour days remain of tax season, I must turn my attention towards the future.
It's been six years since I went to a job fair at the Oxford Valley Mall.  Then I looked into positions with the IRS.  Otherwise, I had an "interview" with the incompetents at Met Life on Friday, 30 May 2003 -- and of course the one for my current job at Bodek and Rhodes since then, hardly much to contemplate.  Hopefully, my search through the courses online with MIT and from the Teaching Company will actually claridy where I'm going the next four decades.
Wed 13 Feb  14:11
Going home last night was the most unnerving I've ever experienced.  Snow had turned to sleet, and rain kept falling on the windshield in a glaze.  I had to stop three times before I had a larege enough hole in the frozen slop to get home.  It turned to rain overnight, which has yet to cease.  THis morning the heater worked fine, long after I needed it.  Had I been scheduled, I would not have gone to Block last night.
My thoughts of drawing and writing for profit remains on hold.  Mom has an appointment with the maindoctor at 5:30 PM tonight in between jobs.

Thu 14 Feb  15:17
Last night was a bust.  First, I didn't get there until 6:30, because of our wait at the doctor's.  Then I had one client who walked out.  Supposedly our fees were too high and too little came back.  If they want to go to Walmart or to illegal deductions and credits, they should leave me out of it.
Meanwhile Schrub is trying to save his sorry legacy with yet another silly cut in taxes. I have no convciton that we should cut taxes, rather we should cut deficits.  Otherwise, we're as far off as that disgruntled client last night.
Fri 15 Feb  15:20
I looked up the lyrics of the songs of the first three records I ever bought thritynine years ago.  I succeeded in printing only Buttercup. 
I had yet another dream in a strange bedroom.  it seemed as large as the one at Gerard College. back in June 1985.
Sun 17 Feb  12;28
Quiet Sundays seem to have returned.  I have one client for 2006, and now I am third in line for the next walkin.
Discover for next month had a special issue about Albert Einstein, but it also had an article on James Dewey Watson called,. "Blinded by Science" by Bruno Maddox.  (On suppsedly racist remarks he had made last October)
I checked my compensation, which is $900 ahead of my payments.  Even if I include payments from last week, I am still ahead by nearly $700 already!
Mon 18 Feb  14:26
My search for my main memorablilia of the fortyfirst anniversary has my thinking a few things.
As I was looking at the sloppy handwriting and the sloppy spelling in 1966, I can also apply it to my drawing as well.  After all, the drawings also improved vastly, although much later.
This is the first anniversary for A&F in which one of the characters is really dead.  I suppose I could include Raymond Clarke as well -- and he's dead about a decade -- but Charles Nelson Reilly was a regular later on.  Can Phyllis Diller be far behind?
Another parallel I can see in the confusion I had with overall communication, and my chronic confusion of what I should be doing for work.
According to Ed Schachter, confusion is good; it leads to resolution and ease of learning for the reading genius.
Wed 20 Feb  14:57
As I read over my notebook from fourth grade, I contemplate a link between how I did that homework and how I handled all the problems in Morrison and Boyd in organic chemistry a decade later.  It was the end of the means of lowering standards.  In both, I relied far too heavily on writing for learning.  The objective is to learn the material, not to scribble out the answers!
One aspect I see in the comics I drew in the notebook is I tried to ingratiate myself into the Chuck White comic from the fall 1968 edition of "Treasure Chest of Fun and Fact".  Unfortunately the website stopped online at 1963!  Therefore, it seems that I will never recapture the adventures in 1968-9. 
Yesterday I looked up TV Party for the cartoons on Saturday mornings in 1967.  My comics appear to have some of the attributes of those cartoons!  However, the imagination must have been an escape from the mediocrity in school!  By that time, the class had caught up to my pace back in first grade.
Fri 22 Feb  15:00
The heralded snowstorm arrived, and I left just past 7 AM to plow through to work.  It has turned to rain, but the fear remains it will freeze and cause havoc on the roadways.
The lunar eclipse of Wednesday night peaked with a copper moon at which time (10:30) I retired.  Unfortunately I awoke at 4 AM unable to sleep.  Last night I went to bed at 9 PM and slept until 6, so I had nine hours.  It looks as though I will be wasting time at Block tonight.  So ends the strong part of winter.
Barnes and Noble already sent my book on astrophysics; it took almost two days.  I await the text on financial engineering.  It appears that math is everywhere for savoir faire!
Sat 23 Feb  13:55
I have an unusual schedule this weekend for 10-3, and so far, all I have to show for it is one client which won't cover the five hours.  I had a previous challenge with a client who had a 1099-misc for the next proceeds of the sale of commercial real estate.  I shall have to budget the rest of the day if I am to get much of anything done.
Sun 24 Feb  11:50
The snow is slowly melting.  It cleared last night leading to a drop to -4.  Because the nights have shrunk under thirteen hours, the coldest nights should be behind us for this year.  When I left for Block, it had moved above freezing, and the frost on the windshield was gone.
A coworker at Bodek challenged my statement that we once closed early.  Now I cannot find my diary from 2002-5!
Wed 27 Feb  20:14
This afternoon I began to redraw an Oliphant cartoon.  It's been a very long time since I did so.  i would like to close off the sketchbook I started so long ago in 1994.  It's ben a long layoff from even the minimum of creativity.
We had to put my brother in the former wheelchair.  Naturally he slid out of it onto the floor.  I called home in a PathMark this evening.  When I received no answer, I came home with the groceries.  This is infuriating because Liberty Resources has stalled for two months already.
Thu 28 Feb  15:00
William F Buckley Jr left behind a reactionary legacy.  Hopefully the age of reactionarianism ends.  He was born the same week as RFK.  He should spend eternity as unprivileged in the next world.
I still seem to receive signals from that other world.  I was once again in thoughts of Beansy Monahan, and wondering whether he was trying to tell me something.  If we follow the theory, the dead can only communicate indirectly and may not interfere in the free will of the living.

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