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This picture appears on a page about Tin Tin, so
I guess it's a reified picture of the Belgian character.


My Translation from French:
Listen well, old friend.  I know my job, eh?  I have had the same amount of adventures behind me, so I know what I must do, okay?  To find out more about Tintin, click on his picture.
I like this more worldly Tintin, which is why I try to keep Król as real as possible in my stories.  Of course, my publishing these stories helps me further develop the characters!
I have placed the simplified Tintin below with his talking dog, Milou (translated as Snowy in English).  There are a few parallels between Tintin and Król, so I've placed Tintin along with the others as inspirations.

How I actually looked at age 13

How I wish I'd looked!

What a magnificient crossing this is, Snowy!
(Doest thou)Find this merry? This boat which moves like a turtle, and where nothing ever happens!

Sherlock Holmes

This site presents an opportunity to be creative. Back in 1977, I created my own mysteries, using a combination of Hardy Boys and Perry Mason. I would like to join any group of creative writers on the internet, so let me know if you belong to any such groups. It the written equivalent of Toastmasters.


The new Alopexian Field of Contemplation


My name is George Król.(cruel)  I am a fictional character, created in 1977. I am a CPA, operating in State College, Pennsylvania, near Penn State. I started my teenage years with a good friend, Don Hough, who introduced me into law enforcement. Don left in 1980 after one of those cases.
I gained such skill that often I found myself in danger, even though detective work was not my profession. Don has returned to my life, after many years in law enforcement. My latest case will be published under "Secreted Secret", and it will take place in the latter part of 2013.


I'll make changes to this site regularly, so you should check back weekly! To stimulate my creativity, I am reproducing the last mystery I wrote in this series, "Boisterous Boys". All my titles are alliterations and equivocal.

I figured I might as well exhibit the first story for which I had a sketch. I think it is one of my better efforts. So, I'm also placeing "Assistant Assassin" on another page.  In late 2002, I've published two of my other adventures, "Deluded Delinquents" and "Crime for Christmas".

George Krol and Keith Cahill in " The Case of the Crime for Christmas"

Here I am on the left with my best buddy as we try to solve the Case of the Crime for Christmas in 1989. I've finished publishing this story to appear  in time for Christmas.  I found the relevant drawings, so I simply rewrote the story with little editing in 2002.

I would have loved to have played Joe Hardy in that series. Actually the version was too tame. I preferred the strong Joe Hardy of the books. Of course, Perry Mason was much tougher in the books than on television. In any case, I'd have lightened my hair, and my eye color is much closer to blue than Shaun Cassidy's!
On Friday, 22 April 2005, I purchased the disc of the first season.  Apparently, one may record on both sides of the disc.  In any case, I once again would loved to have played Joe Hardy opposite Parker Stevenson.

I am seriously considering a rewrite of all twentyfive mysteries into this site. It will be quite an undertaking!

Fred J Stefon

Historians I Honor

John P Day & Jack

Even though they look alike, they are very different. Dr Fred Stefon, who is still at the Wilkes-Barre Campus at Penn State, encouraged me to look at history differently. He was my mentor for many years, and the driving force for both my master's degrees.
John Patrick Day has been invaluable in my latest attempts to fashion historical fiction. He has encouraged me to continue my pursuit on the internet.  Isn't it ironic that I've never met John Patrick Day, but he continues to inspire me?