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The Elections

There's no reason for the closeness of the election.  Willard Mitt Romney is offering more Reaganomics, which failed us since 1980.  More welfare for the wealthy under the guise of defense and having the wealthy dodge taxes and pay less on taxable income will just cause more deficits.  Under Reaganomics, that tax of debt merely passes onto the future.
Then the malefactors of great wealth propagandize us with Faux News and with the taxes they did not pay.  As Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad, Poor Dad has written many times: buying politicians and propagandizing the ignorant is an investment which will give them even more plunder.
With a shrinking middle class less able to pay the tax burden, along with structural and technological unemployment, taxes have flowed downward.  Taxing Social Security and unemployment benefits are fine examples of punishing the middle class since 1982.
Demographically, this slow recovery will continue throughout the decade simply because the baby busters (1965-76) are now in their toip spending ages.  The only thing the federal government can do is keep it from becoming worse.

Reagnaomics still sucks, no matter how much the god is worshiped!