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Brokeback Mountain

First, there is the irony of Matthew Wayne Shepard, the little blond guy two addicts of trailer trash beat to death back in October 1998 near Laramie Wyoming.  It concerns two shepherds in Wyoming.  Matt must be smiling over the irony.
Second, it is the first movie I've bought -- and I've seen it more in French with French subtitiles than in English -- concerning two gay men who deny their sexuality, then succumb to it disasterously.  MAD Magazine makes the whole movie too lightly in its satire -- and the magazine has gone downhill over the past decade -- in missing the real point.  If one is gay, then one is still gay, no matter how much that person denies it.  I'm very familiar with this path, for it is one I've taken over the past decade.  I can empathize that it is a great burden to realize one is gay.  Society has still yet to catch up with the social revolution of which Matt's death was one of the catalysts.
Yes, it is fiction.  Yes, it does confront society for its allogenophobia, and its homosexophobia.  In fact, it's very Christian, for did not Christ speak of getting a timber out of one's eye before confronting a brother with a sliver in his eye?  Bigotry still sells, which the Republicans have done over the past decade, but the day is coming when it all falls apart like Schrub's lies.  This movie only provides some very heavy soul searching -- judge not, in fear of being judged.

Sun 30 Jul
Will the American Electorate Wake Up This November?
Unfortunately, I've yet to underestimate the intelligence of the American electorate.  Doesn't anyone realize that we should have thrown Schrub out of office for failing to stop 9/11, instead of elevating him to a god like Caligula?  Schrub should be the kiss of death to any Republican who runs for a seat in Congress this year.  Only Mormonville (Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho) thinks that Schrub has an approval rating over half.  Still, a third of the electorate woprships the Schrub as a god.

Sat 26 Aug
Over the past week, I bought the trilogy of "Back to the Future", the movie which launched Machael J Fox into superstardom.  I bought it for the comparison of how the writers thought 2015 was going to be, versus what we now know only nine years left to that year.
My biggest boost came from what I was doing in 1985; it was no pretty picture.  I was a hostage of Reaganomics, and tons of makeup over a senile face can not change that fact.  By 1989, when the sequels came out, I had proven in court that Reaganomics sucks.  I won my case, and I had my revenge on the public for falling for the old fool.  However, I have personally never recovered from the disease of Reganomics, and the current second version of Reganomics does not help either.  The movies do force me to assess where I am, and where I want to go.
Michael J Fox still looks so cute in those movies.  The clairty of the picture allowed me to see that he has a slight cleft on his chin, in addition to the freckles still on his nose.  He probably wishes he could go back to that time, even though the phylical demands of his acting were quite high.

Note they used Michael J Fox's actual birthday,
less seven years and an accurate description!


Mon 25 Dec
This is the story of an extraordinary event in Christmas 1914, when both sides in a section of the western front decided to cease fire for the holidays, and then faced punishment for fraternizing with the enemy.  Despite the violence, I would recommend it to children over 13, for there is no sex invlolved.  It is a lesson of when both sides of a conflict decide to treat each other humanely for one day.

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