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My style assumes first person omniscience, from a historical view sometime in the middle 21st century.  In other words, the narrator knows what the other  characters are thinking from what they later told him.  Any thoughts of dead characters come from speculation of the circumstances..
I use only the metric system.  The American Engineering System went into a coma about the time Britain and the Commonwealth Nations changed to the metric system in the mid-1970's.  I expect the AES will one day go the way of the clipper ships in the mid-19th century.
If I use a word you don't know (in my attempt to be more exact in my descriptions), look in the context.  I will probably mention the definition of that word soon after.  I don't use hyperpolysyllabicsesquipedianism to show off my education, only to bring precision to my vision of the story.  Of course, if you do think I went too far, email me!

Note that my characters are almost exclusively male Caucasians. I've tried to introduce other characters, but it just doesn't work. I've downplayed the violence probably to a PG level, and sex is virtually absent. My thrust is the unraveling of the mystery. My audience is primarily young adult, and those weary of sex and violence.


Below is a taste of life as a boy around 1969.

Marty McLamb

Mount Nittany

clouds over Mount Nittany

Clouds over Mount Nittany

Here are the charcter sketches:

Keith Alden Cahill
A virtual sidekick to George, whom George met the spring before "Assistant Assassin" -- in a case in Wilkes-Barre. I have yet to write it.
Keith provides an intellectual reflection for George. Although Keith is small and Celtic, he can handle himself well. Keith has been struggling to become an accountant. During the series, he went to Penn State to pursue a degree in journalism. In the last story, "Boisterous Boys", he still struggles to hold on to his dreams.

Marty McLamb

This kid comes close to my perception fo Marty McLamb, save the missing freckles. Marty appears as one of the "Boisterous Boys". He is a Little Brother, a fatherless boy, who develops a relationship with the main characters.

Jeff Garrett

This darker-haired kid looks like Jeff Garrett (left). Jeff will appear from time to time as an auxillary character to Marty and Pete. (above and below)

State College (and Wilkes-Barre) is lily white, so my characters are the same. My main character does travel to Philadelphia occasionally, along with other cities. Then there will be some more diversity.

Peter Royer

This cute blond boy gave me the vision of how Pete Royer would look in "Boisterous Boys".

Pete Royer

This kid looks like Pete Royer. I had another picture from which I conceived the character. When I find it, I will post it.
Pete becomes George Krol's ward under tragedy in "Boisterous Boys". I sketched several scenes in 1994, so they will appear as I place the story on the site.

Buddy Jr, as I'd conceived him.
Add more freckles, a stronger cleft, and redder hair.

Pete Royer as I envision him around 2025.


Developing throughout 2020
Yes, I know I haven't done much on this site over the past few years.  Right now, I'm debating just how I should do it, but eventually, I will do it.