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Reduce Federal Taxes
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It's the best way to slap Reaganomics hard enough to take off the makeup.  It is also the easiest:

RepeaI the tax on unemployment compensation and on Social Security.  Taxes on either not only thwart the reason for each, but it unfairly punishes success.  If either becomes taxable, then the recipient must have been earning more money for it to become taxable.  Furthermore, the exemption on taxable Social Security has not changed since the god Reagan put it on in 1982, and prices have more than doubled since then!  
The benefits mean many citizens will not have to file or can file a simpler return.  Reaganites won't like it, for it eliminates the class warfare between the middle and the lower, which will diminish allowing the rich to steal from the rest of us.

The Presidential Election Fund
Can someone tell me why so few want to take advantage of the $3 toward the fund?  All taxpayers agree to do is to transfer the money from the general fund.  When does the federal government ever allow taxpayers to decide where the money goes?  NO OTHER TIME!
"They have enough money" is the excuse I hear most often.  So, you'd rather SPECIAL INTERESTS give the candidates the money for their benefit?  George F Will was wrong!  Once I explain that the fund lessens the influence of special interests, then they agree.  THE TAXPAYER DOES NOT GIVE $3 TO THE FUND!  The candidates then agree to limit the spending to get the fund, which matches their other funds for the campaign.

Click here for more information on Block.

Confused (and who wouldn't be) about the changes in tax law?  First, the 2% stimulus on the Social Secuirty tax has expired, so all paychecks are taxed at 6.2% this year.  All earned income under $110,100 should show a drop in 2%.

I will add various tidbits, expecially after the next settlement of the tax law due in March, as the tax season progresses.

I am a Registered Tax Return Preparer, which will be voluntary at the end of 2014!  Since 2011, all tax preparers MUST have a Preparer Tax Identification Number.  It is illegal for any preparer to use a social security number!  All preparers MUST use the PTIN on the forms!