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I was very late when I bought this gem from 1995.  I highly recommend this movie.  It is one of the few movies that actually has a good message.  It also encourages us to pursue our dreams.


What a recession?  "Spoiled Brats : Quick-fix Americans want it all made better -- now."  Eugene Robinson
"...the refusal of Americans to look seriously at the nation's situation -- and its prospects -- is an equal-opportunity scourge... The nation demands the impossible: quick, painless solutions to longterm, structural problems."

How long does anyone think we can continue to cut taxes for the rich, pushing some of the burden on the shrinking middle class, and the rest on the future?  When the god Ronald Reagan became king, he downplayed the very deficits that his policies wrought.  However, instead of inflation, due to printing all that extra money beyond the rate of economic growth, he just adjusted it by borrowing.  Between 1980 and 1992, when he and his wimpy successor ran the budget, the national debt more than quintupled.  Once Bill Clinton arrived and tried to erase the deficits, the brats put in a Republican Congress.
Does anyone remember that Schrub actually cut taxes while starting a war in Iraq, so his rich friends can suck more more out of taxes?  Under Schrub, the national debt doubled again in eight years.  Not only is Schrub the only president who started a war he couldn't finish, but he also used his ineptness of the attack on 9-11 to his political advantage.  Congress should have impeached him for failing to defend the nation against attack.
Now the hypocrites are raging against the deficits, while demanding they pay fewer taxes.  Really?  Is that another Reaganic fantasy?
Then there's the misnamed Tea Party.  First, we have taxation WITH representation, so there's NO similarity with the actions of the colonists in Boston Harbor on Thursday night, 16 December 1773.  Second, the action destroyed private property, hardly a model of Adam Smith!
Sat 25 Sept
Supposedly the recession ended in June 2009, yet the reactionaries on squawk radio are pronouncing the Obamaic attempts to pull us out as failure.  They weren't saying the same thing in 1982 and 1992, when a Republican was president.  In fact, I remember Limpback was scolding his audience about the jobless recovery.  "You don't expect jobs to come out of a recovery!"
Below is the economic trends over the past six decades.

Sun 17 Oct
Now we find out that the Chamber of Commerce, which endorses outsourcing jobs to foreign countries, is promoting commericals which attack just about all Democrats.  Of course, foreign nations are giving the Chamber funds to spend on this election cycle.  Squawk Radio covers it up, and the hick-cracks can't understand these people are LYING to them.  Welfare for the Wealthy goes back before the god Ronald Reagan.  Foreign governments will want to grab these jobs. 

Reaganomics still sucks.