October 1977
Penn State MBA Class of 1984 Memorabilia
Penn State MBA Class of 1984 Ski Party
Wednesday, 9 June 1971 Continued
Wednesday, 9 June 1971 in Washington
Run, Buddy, Run September 1966-January 1967
The Arts Festival in 1983
The Pizza Party in 1998
Senior Class Trip to Tammiment on Friday, 17 January 1975
General Photo Album

Welcome to my photo album!

Photography is more than a hobby for me. It's a passion, the way I capture and celebrate life. In this album, I've assembled some of my favorite photographs.

On this page, I might describe common threads among my photographs or talk about the themes I try to explore with the camera. I'll also include one or two representative photographs on this page.

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my photos. Please be sure to sign my guestbook below when you're done!

A tree in autumn; Actual size=240 pixels wide