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Mid Spring 1980

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As my last term as an undergraduate fades away, I look forward to graduation.


Fri 25 Apr  M
I awoke today to the Iranian desert on the television.  A failed attempt to rescue the hostages ended in eight deaths of the rescuers.  Jimmy Carter looks so much like a bumbling fool on this one. 
Sun 27 Apr M
It's Mom's birthday, and I wrote how I am so looking forward to the summer.  The Centre Daily Times has a Herblock cartoon which shows how the Iranian desert disaster just continues the frustration in the sixth month of the hostage crisis.  I suppose next Ronald Reagan will act tough on this one, perhaps even showing up at the Bronx before the election.
One of my art classes had a trip to New York City this weekend.  I couldn't go because I was working this weekend at the Engineering Library.  Meanwhile someone complained to management about my radio with American Top 40 on.  I moved it farther into the backroom.

Wed 30 Apr  F
The final month has come.  It's a good thing I'm not moving out as well; I'd have little time to clean up the place.  As it stands, the room will serve as a storage pending whether I get into grad school.
Tue 6 May  F
I have just enough time to place a few notes in between classes and work.  There is a rumor that Karen Carpenter has recorded a solo album.  Supposedly Herb Alpert and Richard Carpenter are not amused.
Meanwhile the referendum in Québec lurks two weeks away.  Between La Presse and the Toronto Globe and Mail, it appears that the polls are very close in Québec.  René Lévèsque worded the referendum rather vaguely.  It will probably solve nothing, no matter the result.
The last time I was in Québec, the tension was not so apparent.  I didn't mention the separatist feeling at the time, although I was quite aware of it.  Chambermaids never seem to speak English in the hotels, so I caution everyone who plans to travel to Québec to take a phrasebook, if not some command of French.




Alternate 1980

If we didn't have dreams, we'd have only reality.  -- Porkypine, from the comic "Pogo"