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Winter Term 1980

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Some political aspects of drawing vegetables
from the refrigerator (coolbox in Anglo-Saxon)


Rupert Holmes sings "Him", from February 1980
Alternate Diary
The following is an integrated diary, between the real one and the fantasy one.  In the fantasy are real events as well.  In reality, I spent the summer of 1980 in State College and finished my two bachelor's degrees before I started grad school in September.

Tue 22 Jan F
Three weeks into the resumption of winter term 1979-80, and already I'm too much into graduation in May.  Having business classes on Saturday surely doesn't help.  While I don't mind getting up early for classes, I wonder whether it's worth all the fuss to hope to avoid deadend jobs!
The first shot at the GRE's is merely weeks away.  I would've applied for the subject test as well, had I the time.
Tue 29 Jan M
The future looks bleak without going to grad school.  I was in QBA class when one of the problems used probability of starting salaries for business students.  The grads split along 16K, which is overwhelmingly much for me.  With my major, I'd be lucky to make half that much after graduation.  Minimum is $3.35, which comes to a gross of $134/wk, or $6968/yr.
Anyway, the end of the term approaches.  So, I must decide how to finish up both degrees.  I need a course in zoölogy for one and in art for another.  I need six credits in drawing, which means 122, 220, and 222.  I also need three more in humanities -- perhaps a course in Shakespeare or in religious studies.
Sat 2 Feb  F
The study for the GRE's didn't seem bad this afternoon, after the usual chaos from classes in the morning.  In both, I feel like a part in a mass movement.
Even though Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, I don't mind the next six weeks of winter.  I am busy planning the summer in Canada.  It's been nearly two years since I was in Montréal, all three times in late April.  Finally I'll see Québec in summer.  Will Joe Clark still be prime minister?
Sat 9 Feb  M
Has it really been sixteen years since I saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan?  Holy Barry Goldwater!  By the way, he's supposed to be at the Republican National Convention this summer.
I find myself fascinated with the shades of colors, from which a dictionary in the Engineering Library explains.  I am signing up for three drawing courses next term, so I think I should buy a couple of sketchbooks!  I tried one last fall, and I risk losing my drawings without a formal place to put them, like my diaries!
Sun 17 Feb  M
The end of the term approaches.  There was a program on to parallel the famous Frankenstein novel, this time a Doctor Franken who succeeds in building a human-looking specimen.  In the end, the good doctor is interested in how the new human being can integrate the various personalities.
Fri 22 Feb  No!  Sat 23 Feb  R
Originally this notebook would contain a few fined stories.  As it stands now, I'll just put my diary in here.
I have recovered somewhat from my nostalgia from a few years ago.  I really haven't decided whether I'll go summer job hunting yet, but I'd better start with my résumés.  I get so mad when I realize that what I wanted to do for so long has been so obvious.  I want security, and if it takes another two years, so what?  At this point, my diploma will be good for practically nothing.
I still have no idea what I got in management and accounting, but if I may assume B's, it will make an acceptable term.  The most important grade, history, is an A, so the rest of the term grades are almost irrelevant..  Anyway, the three business courses were mass produced, which I found extremely distasteful.  Even business law at the Wilkes-Barre campus had a personal touch, despite the professor's calling us by "polite" last names....
Sun 24 Feb  R
What a day!  I got up so late I missed Mass.  Nonetheless, I'm glad I got to the bookhouse an hour and a half early rather than an hour -- they left me a nice mess to clean up, which I did with little time to spare....
Mon 25 Feb  F
Whew! One more term remains until graduation.  I just have to clean up a few courses to finish....
My time at WDFM has already become routine.  I come in and check in records every day.  The most come in on Mondays, sometimes in dozens of albums.  It exposes me to much variety of music; and boosts my chances at broadcasting.
Sat 1 Mar  F
Well, the grades are just what I expected.  Now I must turn my attention from business toward finishing up my bachelor degrees.  For the history degree, I just need the three art courses for the arts and either an English course or a religious studies course for the humanities.  I need a zoölogy course for the general science degree.
Mon 3 Mar  F
I am back in State College, preparing for my final term, at least as an undergraduate.  If all go as planned, I will spent a wonderful summer in New England and Canada, then come back to graduate school.
Thu 4 Mar  R
I just spent today drawing, as I am bored to death by doing nothing.  I am so glad the break ends tomorrow, for I don't think I could stand being home for another full day.  I certainly hope life isn't like this -- yecch!
Fri 7 Mar  R
Tonight I feel good about next term.  I got all three of my art courses, so I'll spend almost half my time drawing.  I hope I can do political cartoons; it will be a way out if I can't prof, and it will be a help if I can.  This will be a term of opportunity for WDFM and biology, in that order.  I can definitely drop business (courses) out -- I am tired of working for that slavedriver (trying to make myself more employable).
Yesterday was quite a day.  It was the first (time) this year I walked to campus unalone....  Sitting in for WDFM gave me an opportunity to meet some of the new power at the station.  (Every spring term, the station has new student management.)....
I've had it with Jerky Jimmy (Carter) and his amateurs.  Provincialism should be outlawed.  The rightwingers should have fun in South Carolina tomorrow....  I was going to go to the Lenten Services tonight, but I lost the time factor, so here I sit on a Friday night sewing paches on my jeans and writing letters. 

Jimmy Carter and Ted Kennedy battle in the prima-
ries in the South on my bedspread with fruit.

Some political applications of drawing fruit on
my bedspread in late March 1980

If I had had the means to meet Terry Fox in the summer of 1980...
For the entries: F means complete fantasy, R means real entry, M means memory of a real event written in 2010, instead of 1980.
I also mix these elements in entries.
HF means historical fiction.
From June, the events will be historical fiction.

If we didn't have dreams, we'd have only reality.  -- Porkypine, from the comic "Pogo"