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Looking backward...

History of My Hobby

A&F is something that I've done on and off over nearly four decades.  I first tried to draw it on Sunday, 21 June 1964.  I had MUCH time back then, so I had the time to sketch out things.  I still have a notebook from 1967, and it serves as a diary.  It was nearly a decade later when I actually began to write a journal.
I made the characters quite simple.  I did not want to spend the time drawing out the characters, so I drew formic creatures, which I now refer to as "abstracts"  I revived the comic back in 1996, but I soon dropped it, as I sank into the sea of a brainless job.

My Background

My background overall is on my mainsite.  In reference to A&F and another comic I drew in college called "Living Things", I must say that I drew off and on as a child.  When I was a junior in college at Penn State, I took my first art class.  At the time, I was very interested in political cartoons, having become a fan of Herblock of the Washington Post.  Eventually, I moved into the second tier of art, and I became better.  I even received an "A" in figure drawing.  Alas, that was back in 1980-81, and my skills have atrophied.  I hope to revive them here, thanks to the internet.