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The Einstein Factor
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Image Streaming: We do it all the time; Why not profit from it?

I am constantly moving back to my childhood, because I am so unhappy with my current adulthood.  I hate my brainless job, I never seem to have time to study the way I used to do in school, and I feel that I am using an even smaller part of my brain than the average adult.
Imagine how happy I was to discover in "The Einstein Factor", among other books, that it is GOOD to allow oneself to image stream.  Children do it all the time.  Adults learn to squelch the streaming to their detriment.  Two of the subject I enjoy are astronomy and chemistry because I can imagine being a molecule on earth or in cosmic dust.  I also am trying to bring back my dormant creativity through sketching and writing.  Albert Einstein discovered relativity because he refused to "act like an adult" and imagined himself riding a lightbeam.  Nikola Tesla could imagine his machines at work and how to repair them in his mind.  Everyone has this capacity, but one MUST learn to allow that stream of images to flow.

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