How hard is it?

I am currently sticking my interest in astrophysics, courtesy of the MIT open courses.  I have no idea what I'm getting into, but I need the challenge over my boring job.


Adam Morgan has become my envy.  Here's a kid who is young enough to be my son, who's working in astronomy.  It's been forty years since I first became interested in astronomy, and here's someone who has made a career of it. Like a gamma ray burst, I feel so envious, yet so thrilled that what I had orignially wanted to do can be done.
I just ordered two books on astrophysics.  I intend to find out how it all works.  I have only a boring job of pushing papers for a living to accommodate me.  However, I highly recommend Walter Lewin at MIT on You Tube for a great look at physics from an astrophysicist!

Astrophysics is using physics for astronomy.

Ad astra per aspera