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Ubi lībertäs, ibi patria
Know your rights and defend them -- those rights are not for "criminals", minorities, or anyone else -- they are insurance against the overreach of government, be it legislative, executive, or judicial.
I am reserving this site for decisions of the United States Supreme Court.  I will comment on them here.  I find the complete texts of the rulings on Find Law on the internet.  I opine only after I have briefed the cases.  If you have any questions, email me, and I'll add the answers to this site.
To my fellow Americans, who showed that most of them can NOT name any Supreme Court justices, let alone the nine in seniority, I hope this is enlightening, even in the redneck states.
For those outside the United States. I hope that my site will clarify your understanding of our system.  Email me with your questions.  I am no lawyer, which makes me even more rare!

I told you so!
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I'll make changes to this site on a regular basis, so you should check back when the Court is in session.  Don't be intimidated if you don't know all the justices -- a small minority can name them.  They are not infallible.  In fact, my favorite justice, WIlliam Brennan said that the only thing that counts is five votes.
Given that the four reactionaries are in power in revolt of the twentieth century, I have placed Paul Whitman's "Charleston" as the theme song -- fresh from the reactionary 1920's.  Holy John Calvin Coolidge!  Warren Harding put the four reactionaries on the Taft Court, making six old farts.  By the time FDR was president, only four (Horseman of the Metropolis) remained.  (Willis Van Devanter, James Clark McReynolds, Pierce Buter, and George Southerland -- William Howard Taft and John Sanders were dead.)


I opposed Clarence Thomas in 1991 for his views,
not Anita Hill, and proved an Uncle Tom!

Be sure to get in touch so I know you're out there!
Coming next: How the Reagan-Bush-Roberts Court is screwing public school students of their rights.


The current Supreme Court.  The Nine sit by seniority: Chief Justice in the middle, senior associate justice on his right, then left, down to the junior justice on the extreme left.
Chief Justice John Glover Roberts in center.
Antonin Scalia on his right (1986)
Anthony Kennedy on his left (1987)
Clarence Thomas on the right of Scalia (1991)
Ruth Bader Ginsberg at the left of Kennedy (1993)
Stephen Breyer (1994) to the right of Thomas, but in this case right of center in the back
Samule Alito (2005) to the left of Ginsburg, but in this case left of center in the back
Sonya Sotomayer (2009) farthest to the end on the right, to the right of Breyer in the back 
Elena Kagan (2010) at the far left as the junior justice and in the back, left of Alito

Kennedy with the four reactionaries: Alito,
Thomas Roberts, Kennedy, and Scalia


In honor of the four reactionaries on the Supreme Court, I offer a song when the reactionaries ran the Supreme Court under William Howard Taft and later under Charles Evans Hughes until 1937.


My favorite Supreme Court from 1967, going the same way as above:
Chief Justice Earl Warren in center
Hugo Black to his right. (1937)
William O Douglas to his left (1939)
John Marshall Harlan right of Black (1955)
Willaim Brennan left of Douglas (1956)
Potter Stewart (1958)
Byron White (1962)
Abe Fortas (1965)
Thurgood Marshall (1967)
Although I'd prefer Arthur Goldberg instead of Fortas.