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Audio Business Book Summaries

Here are abstracts of business book summaries from Audio Business Books

No BS Ruthless Management by Dan Kennedy
Understand the true adversarial nature of the relationship between employer and employee.  Each has agendas, and owners want profitable workers.  Unless the workers are adding to profits, the owners should pay commoditized jobs as little as possible.
When assessing the true cost of employees, add taxes, healthcare, bonuses, overhead, do-overs, and the owner's own time to hire, fire, and police the workers.
Hire slow, fire fast.  "The majority is always wrong, when trying to decide what to do without guidelines." Earl Nightingale
Good enough is - cannot be everything for everyone.
Answering the telephone
Enforcing standards
Making every worker a profit center
Be the highest paying employer to top people.
Sales Process
Everyone who comes in should buy and be closed
Sales people should be able, want to, and sell here.
Overcome mental hurdles and share successes.
Have the mission defined and train the workers in it.
Manage word of mouth (customer buzz).
Cut activity masquerading as accomplishment (what matters to the owner).
Know what to get done.

For the busy executive, I have many of these over three years.