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Example of a Bogus Evaluation:

Note: the evaluation is seven months late, yet demands immediate improvement!  Later there is supposed to be monthly reviews, yet there never was a review with the employee the next nine months, and the annual review was never given some five months later.


As for the complaint on initiative: there was no inquiry on follow-up. The evaluator simply did not know what the employee was doing and did not bother to find out. Later the addition of Microsoft Excel listing the overdue invoices to the buyers was consistently ignored well into May. It was a surprise the head buyer still had the monthly reports, which he ignored. The employee had no access to the mills, and in fact, was discouraged to contact them!


Once again, the evaluator made no effort to find out what was going on with the employee. Furthermore, when the employee asked for overtime to catch up at the end of the months, the evaluator kept asking all the employees refrain from overtime.

The biggest gap in this so-called evaluation was the doubling of the workload in 2011 because of "building a new brand". Instead of praising the employee for avoiding vacation days until the system caught up, the evaluator complained the employee left the vacation days go to December, which forced overtime. By December, the problem with the new brand was over.

When the employee asked to help, the evaluator subsequently denied it, saying it would give the employee too much access to the computer systems to help Accounts Payable with the increased workload. The supervisor did authorize some access to help her, but one of the relatives of the owners decided to leave the supervisor with more work instead.

The last remark about not getting along with others resulted from the employee's taking verbal bullying for seven years and finally took action despite the apathy of upper management. The statement shows that upper management became antipathetic and just happened to call a company-wide meeting about verbal bullying a week after this incident was resolved.


Once again, everyone went through the motions without any feedback to the employee. The evaluator had to find out what the employee's job actually was, and the employee followed the suggestions and made the changes. Obviously it was merely a stalling until the queen of the family firm could eliminate the position.


In stark contrast, here's an example of a good evaluation. It is slightly late and tends to go over routine, but it asks for feedback and gives a goal.