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Penn State MBAOK




List from "Six College Courses that Help Grads Land Jobs":
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics:
Precisely why I continue to be scientifically literate.  It's why I am auditing such courses -- currently physics of electromagnetism, my weakest part of physics, for I had a smattering of it in high school and not at Penn State.
Goal: logical approach to advanced problems
No help here except for my acting as caregiver, but I had some inkling thanks to the organizational and scheduling demands of the job.
Goal: fix the gaps in talent as I train further
Business and Economics:
Besides the MBA, I am setting up courses I already own from The Great Courses on these subjects and trying self-employment on the internet
Goal: deeper understanding how business works
Theatre Arts:
Toastmasters will continue to drive my communication skills
Goal: magnify further communications skills
Professional Writing:
My greatest weakness, currently occupied with fictional writing for creativity and to practice for clear and concise business writing
Goal: continue to use Toastmasters for a business audience
Leadership Studies:
I've had a little experience here with teamwork, but I have had no chance to execute leadership in severe underemployment
Goal: use YMCA and other groups to increase social skills, teamwork, and help build and develop creativity

May this information guide me to the right path!

Here's to wimpy employers:
I have an MBA...BOO!