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Penn State MBAOK

Clarifications of some of my statements:

Updated in 2003 -- Plateaued:
I finally left the Call Center after nearly nine years. I no longer answer inbound calls. Since 1997 -- when I should have left --  I've applied for thirteen promotions to other departments or positions. Five times I've tired to become a Team Leader (and I have an MBA, the others don't even have a degree!). The latest excuse is that I have no experience!  Three times I've tried to become an Account Representative. Twice I've applied for a position in the Credit Department, once for the Purchasing Department, and once for Accounts Receivable (which never opened).
Management finally lateralized me into a position in the Purchasing Department, which is  inferior to the one for which I had applied two years earlier.  Both of my predecssors left because they found the work too difficult.  Within four months, I had all the backlog and the records in order.  I streamlined much of the procedure for maximum efficiency.
I took the job just to get off the bottom rung.
Meanwhile, management keeps piling on the work as we become more efficient.  They have a high turnover, and yet they continue to treat us like morons.  A few years ago, I had an interview with a temp agency, who wanted some information on what it's like to work there.  Once I told them my education, they discounted everything I told them because "I don't belong there".  I found being honest with them as extremely frustrating, even though they said they wanted me to be honest.  Since the queen dismissed me, Stivers has proven to be as ineffective in helping me find another job.

In February 2001, I applied for a clerical position in Purchasing. I never had an interview; I received the excuse that the position was "not worthy of me". I interpreted it as "overqualified". What irritated me was the the assistant director of personnel had suggested I apply for it. 
The one they hired left for medical reasons after a few months.  Ironically, I worked in that same department, so I had a position that is under a position "not worthy of me".

In June 2013, reorganization under a new controller eliminated my job.  Besides the railroading, this repulsed me because of my perfect record of attendance.  Each year we get a $25 gift certificate for perfect attendance, and I had long before ran out of things to buy.
There were two occasions when I came to work and should not have.  On Thursday, 10 April 1997, a van struck me in the crosswalks while I was walking to work.  On Wednesday, 18 January 2006, my demented mother took off during the night, leaving me and my handicapped brother at home.  I walked to work anyway, instead of waiting for the caregiver to come to the house.  Once again, this devotion to the company proved as useless as the token watches they gave us for being there more than ten years.  I had no opportunity to throw mine out, for it had stopped working long before the queen dismissed me.

The persistent idiocy of my current job is that I am there with two master's degree and an IQ in the 130's, and everyone seems to want me to move things!  In other words, the management is so incompetent that I'm using my brawn instead of my brains.  What really irritates me is that some of the requests come from people who have less education (and probably less intelligence), who came there after me and moved into positions above me.  It is beneath their dignity to do any physical work, and some of them need the exercise.
Now, I don't mind doing physical work, but I do mind it when it is all I do!  I don't mind doing extra work, but I do mind when it leads nowhere.  I especially didn't like it when I was offered a carrot that if I crosstrained, I might advance.  I've since been relegated to the call center, and the carrot is gone!  So, my agreement to crosstrain with another department was a joke.  I might as well have declined to crosstrain.  The floor supervisor didn't  even tell me that I no longer crosstrained, nor did he tell anyone else.

The misadventures began in 2011 when the company took on exclusive distribution of Next Level, a step from Ultraclub.  Because of the startup on building the brand, my work doubled from the low teens to over the upper twenties of dropship orders each working day.  In fact, Next Level alone was matching what I used to handle each day.  Consequently, I sacrificed taking any days off to keep up as the company adjusted.  As the warehouses stocked the merchandise, the demand finally fell off by the end of the year.  My days off also accumulated to the point that I had to work through lunch every day I worked in December except the last one.
Such devotion deserved praise for trying to adjust to the sudden demand, yet my boss actually complained that I did not take off most of my days until December!  Then the Controller left, leaving my boss with his job in addition to his own.  So, when February 2012 came, I did not receive my usual evaluation.  After a new controller came in, I still didn't get my evaluation, leaving me to ask if I were ever going to receive one in 2012.  Meanwhile I finally put an end to the verbal bullying I had endured since 2003, so I thought that the issue was over.
What I didn't know is that the queen of the company, the Human Resources Manager by relation to the owners rather than by competence of the profession was pushing to get rid of me.  She induced my boss to give a bogus evaluation, which was facially invalid to the point of demanding I make improvements immediately while coming seven months late.
Over the next nine months, I received absolutely no feedback on the improvements I made in line with this so-called evaluation.  I never received an evaluation in February, when I expected to go down the list of demands for a report on the progress I'd made.  My boss was so out of it that he agreed to give me off the day after Independence Day in late May, yet I was no longer working there after 21 June!