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Penn State MBAOK
My Resume

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Entry level MBA, leading to eventual middle management. Ideally I wnat to become an intermediate of accounting/finance and engineering.

Credentials of Accounting/Finance:
Penn State MBA in Operations Management
Additional courses in Finance

Credentials in Chemical and Industrial Engineering:
Penn State BA in Science, with two years in Chemistry
Additional audits in Chemical Engineering
Seeking to add to Operations Management, perhaps through another correspondence course.

Credentials in International Business:
Course in MBA Program
Experience in international business with former employer under prepaid orders
Desire to master foreign languages
Comfortable with other cultures

Member of Toastmasters since 1996
Slowly gained responsibility at former employer with additional duties and crosstraining
Daily editing data entry with current employer with filing and matching of invoices 

The following employment proves manageability:


Bodek & Rhodes in Philadelphia PA 
Purchasing Clerk, September 2003 - June 2013
Operational responsibility for data entry of orders from the mill, matching invoices with orders, and miscellaneous aid to the buyers
Also responsible for keeping the records of the orders and handling the mailroom
Telephone Service Representative, July 1994 - August 2003
Inbound calls with sending customers to the proper departments, upselling and cross-selling, and using data entry for ordering and checking stock 
Additional duties:
Operational responsibility for the flow of catalogues in the mailroom, including physical transfer of boxes, maintenance of mailroom, and some stuffing and stamping of outgoing catalogues.
Daily mail collection since 1997
Additional responsibilty for stamping and sorting in backup since 2000
Further responsibility in proofing errors in addresses with UPS from 2001-2003  

Previous Relevant Position:
Chronical caregiver of invalid for eighteen months
Duties were scheduling routine and occasional appointments
Domestic chores
Control of expenses
Supplementary physical and speech therapy

Training Experience:
Three years as a teaching assistant at Penn State


MBA from Penn State
Operations Mangement/Finance
Supplementary courses without a degree a few years later in
Political Science and Finance

Previous Education: All Penn State

Masters of Education in History/Educational Administration
2BA's in History/Science simultaneously