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My Heroes
Robert F Kennedy

Arthur Schlesinger's "Robert Kennedy and His Times", which I bought in spring of 1979, was quite difficult to understand. Years later I had the vocabulary to digest it, about the time the book was a movie in January 1985. I grew to appreciate the passion of this man, what he had experienced to get there, and the tremendous waste that he was no longer there to help us out.

Shrub has hidden his agenda by being part of the dedication of the building of the Department of Justice. It will now bear RFK's name. I can hear J Edgar Hoover's rolling over in his grave!
The fact of the matter is that RFK had his faults, just like everyone else. It is a revelation how he changed, especially over the few months before his untimely death. He's my hero because he was flawed, just like the other ones. However, when he discovered his mistakes, he did his best to correct them. Therein lies the difference between my heroes and the rest of us.