Diary of a Baby Boomer
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Mon 25 Dec
Soon the moon was visible from my front bedroom window.  I pulled up the blinds and lay in bed to watch it.  I was having flashbacks from Christmas 1967 when the last quarter moon rose to shine trhough the truncated bedroom window on the side of the house.  I think it was the last time I watched the moon from bed. 
Wed 27 Dec
On this date I had the daunting task of taking down the tree, for we were moving from Newton to Mountain Top the next day.  Our stay at the rural cottage seemed so short, but I've had time to analyze the entire scene.
I think there were signs of trouble at school which would have emerged in 1968.  I absolutely hated the physical activity in the cold in addition to the lunch hour.  Of course, adults were supposed to monitor and correct these situations at school.  After all,m I had virtually no guidance at the time, which contrasted the overly abuse I had only a year earlier.
Once we moved to Mountain Top, we discovered that the coal furnace was finished.  It took over a week for the management to put in a gas furnace.  We had to spend much of the time with the relatives.  We left on Friday the Twentyninth and spent a few days with the other side at Budd Lake.  When we left, it was part of a chase to Buttonwood.  The rest of the week I don't remember well.

The best year of my life only showed the best of ending an eternally damaging time of plunging self-esteem and emotional abuse.


What a Lifetime!